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  1. Well I am not a pilot and I don't aspire nor do I pretend to be. But I have been Flight simming for quite a long time. I do it to relax and have fun. So I suppose I am a demographic that the elitist part of the community looks down upon. I have fun with it and don't follow many if any flight rules. Have had a passion for aviation all my life, and get joy and sometimes thrill from flight simming. The guy doing the Youtube so-called review took enjoyment in conveying how elitist he thinks of himself in crapping on every little detail. Most EVERYTHING he griped about, I would never have noticed nor cared about. He reveled in crapping all over it. Did you all notice that on this very thread some commented on how harsh they expected comments about the jet to be? All the snobbish derogatory elitism is toxic to the community in attracting new blood. Some just feel they MUST word not allowed all over what the average simmer just considers having fun. I hate to break it to you, but I am the average simmer. I'm not practicing for real world flying skills; I'm relaxing and having fun. I've been at going on 20 years and I enjoy flying under bridges, buzzing control towers and buildings, and approach landings aggressively from high altitudes. I still have fun at it. Yet the community makes me feel like they must think of me as trash because I don't take it seriously enough for them. I'll probably still buy the plane. Seems fun to me. Have fun bragging about elitist some of you think you are. I'll be having fun gaming in my many sims.
  2. Thanks for the report. I have a similar 4 monitor setup. Top 3 for windshield. The bottom monitor for moving map or youtube entertainment. ha ha I'll probably get it in the morning when I'm fresh. Sounds fun.
  3. I have the Blackbird in FSX as well, a favorite since childhood.
  4. Yeah I figured it was most likely the sim. I was somewhat aware of the issue before I bought the Eurofighter. It's a fun jet and should be even more fun when the supersonic speed issue is sorted out by Asobo. It's much faster, by like 300 knots, than the MB-339, before it gets into trembling territory. The MB-339 tops out at around 500 knots and the Eurofighter flies stable to around 850ish knots.
  5. It's tempting me. I'm about to buy it, I think. From DC Designs F-15: Yay, departure spins!! My favorite! Looks like a nice bird. This Tornado F3 they have under development is one I'm really interested in. CEO at Asobo Studios, Sebastian Wloch says they plan on supersonic flight model very soon:
  6. I'm not such a hardcore simmer that everything has to be seriously IRL like. Been simming since FS2004. Take it as seriously or not as you like.
  7. Has the autopilot been added to this plane yet? I plan on buying when it's been added.
  8. I'm not sure if it's the sim or the Eurofighter that is at issue in my quote above. There is a starwars addon I flew around in for a few minutes at way faster than Mach 1 and it didn't shake and tremble. I prefer military type jets in sims, and never had trembling like this in other sims. I like military jets for their handling and aerobatic qualities. My favorite is the F-16, so stable and spins straight as an arrow. This F-15 is a little pricey for my taste but I'll consider it if it gets good reviews. I have the Aermacchi MB-339 and the Eurofighter to scratch that itch for now. And there are other DLCs in racing sims I'd rather have. The Eurofighter is quite fun under 800-900 knots and has AP, fun handling, working animations and afterburners, and lands fun and beautifully.
  9. There seems to be some validity in the sim not working properly above Mach 1. I bought the Eurofighter a few days ago. And there seems to be stability issues above 800 knots, shaking and trembling in the top speed range.
  10. Why not take it for a spin (are ya skeeered?) vanilla like with no mods for an hour or so to take it up to altitude and a nice leisurely approach and landing. I've never had any issues with it; I like it. edit to add: I run all the WT mods; so I use their G3000 mod with the default Longitude. It's odd that you want advice before taking an aircraft up in a sim. Strange. Perhaps some hand holding can be arranged. ha jk I haven't tried the Longitude mod yet but I have all the associated bookmarks. from the developer: https://flightsim.to/file/3655/asobo-cessna-citation-longitude-flight-dynamics-modifications-project-version-1-0 dakfly0219 replied December 13, 2020 "...many simmers use my mod along with the WT Garmin 3000 mod for more realism when operating the Longitude (the G3000 mod does work in the Longitude) . I do as well and it’s a really nice combination."
  11. Convinced me to buy a copy while the community tried to convince me it would never work on my system. MS also mastered bringing out the rudest behavior in entitled sim snobs that fly mostly by advanced button pressing in 95% of their flight time. I very much like the free scenery created by Google photogrammetry conversions. People should lighten up and stop being so rude to the developers. They'll get the flight models and A/P sorted out in due time.
  12. Love Meigs Field, it's been a favorite since FS2004 when it was a default airport. I love landing there. And the Geneva Aerobatics Course is fun in the VL-3. This should be a good thread. I'll be watching.
  13. Go into the Controls menu and try the default keyboard profile. That fixed it for me. There were 3 different profiles in mine and I had to try different ones until I found the one that worked.
  14. I've flown the Bonanza Turbo and the JMB VL3 Racing 915 mods with all the WT GPS mods in the Community DIR. Everything is working fine as far as I can tell.
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