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  1. So I bought the PTA from Simmarket today, and it is very nice. I like the preset come with the package. But I found the scenery is a bit blue, which is like haze. The real world does look a bit blue when in the distance, but I still think probably need a bit tweak, at least for me. So is the blue just about the haze setting or there is other thing I need to look at? Another question is big. How can I make storm really like a storm. It just doesn't have that kind of dark atmosphere. Everything seems still pretty bright. I try to enlarge the cloud scattering to make unlit side darker, but that makes sunny day unrealistic. Do I miss something? Regards, Mike
  2. If p3d's bottleneck is single core ability, I think 4790K has the best single core?
  3. It seems I can't figure out how to edit my post. I edited when I just submitted the post, but now I can't find the Edit button..
  4. Oh, sorry. I will add my name next time. This issue doesn't happen frequently, probably 1 in 20 flights, but 100% at a stage of descent, or quick descent.
  5. I don't save any my own panel setting, I just use the last flight state. This only happens with 747 from time to time, especially do a quick descent. 777, 737 have never had this issue for me. Does it mean I have re install it?
  6. Hello, the plane from time to time show a warning for engine 4 oil temp, if I don't cut off the fuel, the engine 4 not only will fail but also cause the engine 3 temp problem, and then 2, 1. So I cut off the fuel 4, and I will at least have 3 engine to land. But the engine 4 has totally failed. This problem usually happens just after TOD after long haul cruise, even though I don't activate any service based nor random failure function in FMC. So what causes this happen? And does the aircraft track my maintenance record such as fluid quantity only when I active the service based failure?
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