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  1. ade555

    Which GTN750

    Thanks for that.
  2. ade555

    Which GTN750

    Hi I have been looking around for GTN750 to install in A2A 182 and Comanche, looking at the a2a configurator I can see that under GPS option there is only panel support for the flight 1 gtn 750 and not Reality XP, just found out that there is sale on there RXP website which makes it interesting compare to flight 1 pricing, is there any way to have the rxp panel installed in to a2a 182 and Comanche? also how do you update the navdata on rxp models. Thanks
  3. ade555

    Navdata update problem

    No flight plan loaded, I just been sitting at airport for example EGPH then pressed to go direct on GPS to EGPC(Wick) then when you press PROC on GNS430 everything is fine until I select approach for EGPC as soon as little windows pop ups with different approaches I get game freeze then CTD, now I checked with different destination and is all fine but can't check all, I never flown to Wick or from Wick before so never spotted this problem and not sure if there is any other airports that may have the same problem, strange thing is when you uninstall the updates Wick is working fine.
  4. Hi I have been trying to update the default navdata via aero.sors installer, done everything as usual but getting CTD when I operate the std GPS, well the GPS works until I select FLP then PROC as soon as I press PROC I get CTD, so uninstalled using the same installer and everything works again, never had this problem before, anyone know what could be the problem? Thanks in advance
  5. Hi I have been using my old logitech racing pedals as rudder and because the have DB9 plug I had to remove the PCB board from steering to be able to use it with out having the wheel out, but today I found adaptor Now I know I can achieve the same thing using Arduino Leonardo board and DB9 female plug, question is would I be able to also have additional buttons/ switches running of the same board? If I'm not mistaken I should be able Link to board in UK Thanks in advance
  6. ade555

    P3D v4.3 Crash Analysis and final result

    Open your disk utility tool and let's have a look how your hdd's are configured,
  7. ade555

    P3D v4.3 Crash Analysis and final result

    Well I would say if you do fresh install and make sure is above ver 1709 you should be good. New update don't necessarily mean that the bug will be unistalled or anything, I can tell you 1 thing you chasing this error now 6 months and everything you done till now hasn't solved it. Download Windows creator toll let's do its magic save as ISO, download ruffus make bootable USB with uefi and just run new install job done, is not hard,
  8. ade555

    P3D v4.3 Crash Analysis and final result

    Well from what I can read and I never experienced this problem my self you just format HDD do clean install job done instead of waiting and hoping that MS will sort some sort of update beta bug,
  9. ade555

    Testing new visual looks

    Yes why? Well I hope it is
  10. ade555

    P3D v4.3 Crash Analysis and final result

    Need to open disk utility tool in Windows or have a quick Google read, I am at work at the moment so is hard to post back right now. Have a read 2nd to last post, I would suggest if you have been struggling for 6 months I would just wipe the windows disk and do complete fresh install.
  11. ade555

    P3D v4.3 Crash Analysis and final result

    I'm sure I read somewhere that mbr disk partition have effect on this fault, do you use uefi boot or legacy on your system?
  12. I have been playing around with PTA yesterday using preset from THOPAT and after sorting few issues I managed to record short fly around LOWI, I think it looks great apart from clouds as I don't have AS.
  13. ade555

    P3D v4.3 Crash Analysis and final result

    This error is related to Windows and not P3D, do a quick google search and you will see for your self, your disk setup in MBR or GPT? what is your boot setup is well.
  14. ade555

    Skyforce, active sky, tomato shade

    Couple shots of mine, still working on it but I don't own AS yet