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  1. HI there Any got the error ( Sorry failed to install delivery ) after ngxu update ? I try the livery management scan and repair all but no sucess . It says it can repair and dont do it . There was an error deleting the aircraft.cfg.orig Regards Thomas
  2. Hi out there With the new q400 pro in P3d v4.1 everything looks to work fine but exept the autopilot . When airborne it wont respond even to Lnav or hdg or Vs , when VS only dots show up in the climb pr minute. Those this have anything to the controls or 125 hz controls to do ??? What can be the problem ? Regards Thomas Arnesen
  3. Hello I try setting on the I but still no effects , the other effects work on pmdg , also the registrator editor have found the P3d sim . I dont have fs 2 crew yet . No one of the effects are working in P3d 4.1 . Please help....! Regards Thomas
  4. Hi there, same issues here I thing, startet PC today and mjc new fs 2 crew not responding to my speech,mic and speech are the settings like the installationguide, sounds are missing when trying the welcome message and divret mec and so on,no sound. This also happend with pmdg ngx boundle,havent try the 777 Voice yet,but maybe same problem. My computer updated last tey,but not shure version,but maybe thats the reason? . I have Asus v xtreme motherboard, with asus x2 sonar sound card, looks every thing works fine with the card and drivere . Hope someone find the issue ...
  5. Hi Do anyone know how to fix the axies seperatly from the throttletek 737 and pro pedals from saitek ? The throttle work with the same axies . When I pull the pedals also the throttles moves at the same axies ?? I have p3d and fsuipc with pmdg, is there any place in the fmc to fix this ??? Help anyone !!! Regards Thomas
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