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  1. Hi Alex. Just whant to thank you for producing such a fantastic product and it is much appreciated. I love it. Thank you. Derek.
  2. Hi thanks but just did that or one of them and it's working. Fantastic.
  3. Anybody help with this. How do I go about loading SimConnect or installing it I suppose. Derek.
  4. Hi. Love the program and have just moved to P3Dv4. Little Navmap working fine except for one thing, when flying it won't connect to the sim to show where I am. Comes up with box saying No flight simulation installation found or though it says at the top of Little Navmap P3Dv4 and all so SimConect not loaded. Thank you. Derek.
  5. Ok it's sorted. I blame it on my age, I was only trying to create a shortcut from the downloaded part instead of where it was installed. All running now and it looks fantastic. Thanks Derek.
  6. Hi just got Little Navmap and it looked great, ran it first time and ok even done the data base but then tried to create a shortcut for it and even trying both exe files could not get it to run as kept coming up my computer is missing files. Ok if I downloaded it again and ran it but then the same thing happens. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks Derek.
  7. Hi not sure where to go as having probs with the above title. Thanks Derek.
  8. Hi sorry if I'm in the wrong place to post a query but just found your great program through PC Pilot. I have downloaded it but am having problems. All ok at start downloaded and run it and looks great createded a data base all ok but then shut it down and tried to create a shortcut from the program and wouldn't run and I tried both exe files but comes up with you have files missing from your computer. I'm running Win10 pro. Thanks Derek.