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  1. opus130

    RXP 530 and Garmin trainer

    Hi, I have verified the quarantine list in Kaspersky, which is turned off when I use FSX, and it is empty. As for unsupported FS version, I can assure you that all my software is purchased, with proof of purchase. I have verified the 'autopilot' settings in the RXPGNS.ini, if that is where you meant and it is set at 2, I have changed it to 1, with no good results. Short to updating to v2, I am not certain this will be solved. And if the problem re occur in the next one, it is start over again! Thanks.
  2. opus130

    RXP 530 and Garmin trainer

    Hello, the receipt states:RealityXP- RealityXP Garmin GNS 530 WASS, also with proof of purchase and certificate number ( I could send you private, if req.), purchased from F1.com on Jan 02,2015. Thanks for your support.
  3. opus130

    RXP 530 and Garmin trainer

    Hi, thanks for bringing up the point regarding the link, I rarely post and it did not occur to me if it was important. I have posted here because, it is the legacy purchased Jan 2, 2015 from F1. The manual clearly indicates a version number in the opening screen. Please note that this was working flawlessly until recently, no changes or updates were made. Again if i switch to the original unit using the Carenado tool, it tracks perfectly. Regards,
  4. opus130

    RXP 530 and Garmin trainer

    When the unit starts and self test, I have noticed that the <GPS SW version> is left without a version number. Could this be a cause of flight path not being tracked by the aircraft? I have removed and reinstalled both RXP and Garmin trainer. Same issue. Please advise how to correct. Thanks.
  5. opus130

    Autopilot issues

    We'll do. Thank you.
  6. opus130

    Autopilot issues

    yes sir, the plan and track shows up, but does not capture, the aircraft will not even follow an selected heading.
  7. opus130

    Autopilot issues

    I have downloaded UTX for Canada v2 and UTX USA v2.2 of which i thought it was eastern US coverage only. If I place the airplane at ie KTEB or KJFK, then the problem occurs, and only with this aircraft. Thanks
  8. opus130

    Autopilot issues

    Hello, the aircraft has recently developed an autopilot problem where it does not follow either heading and flight path determined by the Reality XP flight plan. The aircraft continuously waves from left to right and does not appear to capture neither. I have removed and reinstalled Ultimate terrain (US and Canada) and it flies great, if I shut down the sim and start another day, the problem starts again. I have removed and re-installed both the aircraft and Reality XP, with same results. Now, if I place the aircraft in western US or Canada or Europe airport, no issue! This happens with only this airplane, Any help and or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks. Opus