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  1. rikis737

    Update not clearing

    No, I don't use any such programs. I will open a ticket now. Thanks.
  2. rikis737

    Update not clearing

    Hello, So long story short. I did a clean install of P3D and I installed the NGX (I downloaded the installer today 11th of august), Everything is okay but in the operations center I keep getting the message that an update to the NGX is available, so I run it and supposedly it does it's thing, but If I reopen the Ops center the message comes up again. It says that I have installed 1.20.8465 and it offers me to update to 1.20.8885, it is strange since the installer is completely fresh, I redownloaded it to be sure. Thanks in advance, Rihards Lieknins.
  3. Hello, I am having issue going direct to manually typed waypoint, if I try to enter a valid waypoint it pops in the destination airport and if I try to type in again it assumes that I confirm that I wan't to go direct to the destination airport and wipes out the whole flightplan. This can be extremely annoying especially when flying on VATSIM. I was convinced through the carenado youtube videos that their Proline 21 is some what usable. I have the newest 1807 Airac data installed. Thanks in advance, Rihards.
  4. rikis737

    Crash when loaded in

    Looks like we are going to be able to fly the 74 again in 14th of November, there is going to be a windows update that fixes the bug that they introduced with these updates. Still I expected a update as soon as the bug is discovered from a company like microsoft...
  5. Hello, I am sorry if this has been already solved on different topic, but during my search for solution, I did not find anything helpful. When loading in my beautiful PMDG 747V3 my P3D V3.4 stops working as soon as it is loaded. I have tried other aircraft, like the PMDG NGX, and they work fine. The only change that comes to my head is Windows update. Which looking at the timeline 99% is the cause, because before the update it was working beautifully. Just to let you know, I am not any tech guru so it would be nice to have the instructions as simple as possible. Thanks in advance, Rihards Lieknins.