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  1. Hey everyone! Let me start by saying I love this product. You have done a great job with this and I have thoroughly enjoyed buzzing around pretending I am Pappy Boyington!! I wanted to ask if there was any way to change the rendering of the propeller arc? I know there are some mods for the "out of the box" AC from Asobo to do this and I was wondering if there was something for this product as well? I have flown many prop aircraft in real life and have seen actual Corsairs with their engine running and the prop never looks like it does on this virtual aircraft at least it doesn't look that way to me. The propeller arch in most lighting situations at cruise power settings is just a gray blur that you almost can't notice at all. My understanding is it's for this reason they often paint the tips of propellers white or yellow. So people can actually see there is a spinning wheel of death there and not walk into it!
  2. I am not sure there is one. I was hoping for this as well and one for the oil cooler and super charger etc. There are controls for these in the game but they don't seem to map to this aircraft or if they do I figure out how to get it to work.
  3. I seem to recall that you were supposed to land on the mains first and not try a 3 point landing. This seems to help a bit for me but its still a handful to bring in with any kind of cross wind.
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