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  1. Based on what I've read, they have effectively stopped supporting this addon a while back, and at some point PTA triggers the activation prompt which it cannot verify since the servers are no longer active. It really is a shame since I loved the way it worked! I am trying out RDshade but it just doesn't work anywhere near as well... Anyway.
  2. I have also sent him a message via their website "contact us" method. This seems, however, to happen every once in a while, judging by the other threads started in this forum for the past 2 years or so. I'll update if I have any luck on my end. cheers,
  3. Yes, I can confirm the same exact scenario. it started out with the server error message, then I uninstalled it to see if that fixed the issue and now I cannot download from their website due to the same "delinquent" message. I assume it's a broad issue on their end...
  4. It seems as it is the forgotten airport in the FSX community. there are sceneries for just about every airport sorrounding it, though. considering this is the #1 ga airport in S florida, it is unusual not to have some sort of scenery by now.
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