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  1. Many thanks pschlute for your response. It prompted me to do a bit more work on problem solving the issue. I gradually de-installed the add on sceneries I have for ZGGG and eventually got back to the default scenery where the AI did appear. So gradually added the add-ons back in. Then I found that in inspecting the add on folders a bit more there were 2 AFCAD files in the folder. One produced by AFCAD 2.1 (Lee Swordy) and the other one called afcad-ZGGG added by the original scenery designer. I removed the AF2 file and my AI have appeared at the new airport. So, problem solved.
  2. I have a problem with Guanzhou (ZGGG) airport. I installed new scenery from avsim library (file = jetways and terminals for ACOF). I have new Guanzhou airport (ZGGG) showing within FS9 and the new AFCAD is there. However, there are now no AI planes at either the old or the new airport!!!! Can anyone help me here? Regards
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