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  1. Hi , i need to get your help guys , after 4.2 update of p3d, im getting that problem, so how can i solve that ? The problem is cause of matt davies pta im getting that problem when i try to use different ones then everything is normal and actually i didnt llike it other shaders and couldn find it well one.. so can some one help me to find new shaders..etc ? Addons : - Orbx global base , opencl europe..etc
  2. 123baver12

    TrackIR Flashing

    Thank you so much for your update now.. Just 5 min ago i got new update from chaseplane and now working well :) Im so happy thank you again... @Keven Menard
  3. 123baver12

    TrackIR Flashing

    Still same :) @Keven Menard
  4. 123baver12

    TrackIR Flashing

    Didnt work for me.. And also there's a problem my chaseplane is not detecting my TrackIR as well Here's the picture you can see.. TrackIR is active and working as well but its looking like not connected with chaseplane @Keven Menard
  5. 123baver12

    TrackIR Flashing

    I will try that.. thank you for your answer :)
  6. 123baver12

    TrackIR Flashing

    Hi guys, i have a problem to use chaseplane with trackir.. when i like to use my trackir with chaseplane, screen is flashing so what i need to do for this ? I've found a video and problem is same for me.. Also i activate it TrackIR settings of the ChasePlane..
  7. The problem is given to me Cache directory error so when its came to 69% when game is starting , its giving that problem so i cant start to play.. What i need to do ? I've reinstalled game as well.. I've deleted all shade options from appdata... So nothing is working.. How im going to fix that now ?? :S I've downloaded Prepar3D v4 Urp from here : http://ultimaterealismpack.weebly.com/download.html