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  1. Thanks for the idea. Checked and all brake controls are deleted from the p3d menu.
  2. In need of some help. I just started using the alpha yoke from honeycomb. I read all the documentation and have removed all the generic brake commands from the setup inside the sim. When I press the button on the underside of the left handle for my ptt it still commands the toe brakes. I am at a loss for what to do. Sucks to try and taxi and talk to ground and come to a halt on the taxi way every time. Thanks for help Wesley Charles
  3. Hi in need of some help. After a long time away from sim I am trying to update to 7.43. Ive uninstalled previous versions and have tried numerous time and get stuck at the same spot. Every time the indexer hangs at C:\Program Files\Lockheed Martin\Prepar3Dv4\WebSimBrowser\egm96 any help is appreciated Thanks Wes
  4. Just installed voxatc and it was working fine. Then a windows update and I can only hear the first few words of the atis and then the comms go silent. Running p3dv4 with the correct version of vox installed. Please help
  5. No using one that plugs into the jacks on the back of pc. Although Im considering switch because I believe this headset is also causing an unrelated problem when I fly on vpilot which makes me believe the mic is switching off or something.
  6. I have recently bought a new pc from Jetline Systems. Im running Windows 10 and have added a small LED tv as a second monitor where I run my Navigraph charts and keep my flight plan and etc during the flight. I was having some difficulty with the audio system freezing up during flights and could resolve it with resetting the audio in the secondary panel. I believe that I have narrowed it down to it occurring when I go over to my second screen to change charts etc and then when I come back the audio is frozen. Any ideas on how to fix this or is it a setup problem just on my pc? Thanks
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