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  1. I have bought the fantastic DHC3 Turbo Otter for P3D V4.3 and have another small issue. If I turn the HEADING and the GYRO DRIFT knobs using the mouse wheel they do not work. Also using the RIGHT and LEFT mouse click staying on the knobs...they do not work Note that if I do the same with the ATTITUDE CAGE and ATTITUDE CALIBRATION they work porfectly What am I missing?
  2. Marenostrum

    NAVSTAX help

    Thank you. Just done 🙂
  3. Marenostrum

    NAVSTAX help

    Good morning to all, I have just purchased the fantastic DHC3 turbo otter I like to fly with "analogic" cockpit ...for this reason I have selected the NAVSTAX radio equipment I am not able to switch them on??!! I am familiar with the A2A sim and I know how to use them...but here if I try to rotate the OFF knob to switch them does not move. What am I missing? Thank you
  4. Marenostrum

    Black Friday?

    Thank you... I had the Q400 and the step to upgrade it from P3D V3 version to the P3DV4 has special price (in Justflight) I will get it at a reduced price. My question was referring to the FS2CREW addon for the Majestic Q400
  5. Marenostrum

    Black Friday?

    Good evening, I am going to buy the FS2crew for the Majestic Q400.... I wonder if I an may expect a Black Friday discount that case I will wait for that day. Thank you
  6. Marenostrum

    Entering the Hold issue

    To tell the truth I did it...but I do not remember a page where I could set the fix...I will double check. Thank you.
  7. Marenostrum

    Entering the Hold issue

    This is an interesting test that I can do. Next week I'll have a group flight to Madeira (again) and I will test your "step over" procedure. in any case I can confirm that when I was closer to MA532 I have been able to set that fix. In my attempts to do it I do not know if I have previously deleted the MA514 . I will report the results of my test. what you say makes sense, considering that Madeira has a very tricky approach and often it is necessary to hold before proceeding towards the final. thank you Dan!
  8. Marenostrum

    Entering the Hold issue

    Yesterday I was approaching to Madeira Fuchal airport LPMA I was follofing the STAR LIDRO 1C ATC asked me to enter the hold on the fix MA532. The fix MA532 was also the active waypoint at about 50NM from my PPS I was able to select the MA532 wpt but when I pressed the HOLD button on the FMC I was unable to activate the MA532 fix. There was already a fix for the HOLD...the MA514 (that was later on my route) I tried many times to change the fix to MA532 but I was unable...also setting a new WPT before the active WPT (not to have the MA532 as the active wpt)..but I was still unable. Once I was closer to the MA532...I do not know why...I was finally able to select and assign the new fix in the HOLD setting the correct MA532. The question is: Why I was unable to change/assign the fix immediately? Why to wait until I was close to the wpt? Is there a relation between setting the FIX and the distance from the fix? Thank you. Regards, Stefano
  9. Marenostrum

    Flying in the crosswind

    Good morning, I have a question for the real pilots... Yesterday I was flying from ENGM to EGCC...over the north sea I found a very strong crosswind at my cruising altitude (34000 ft): >150 kts coming from my 2/3 o'clock. To mantain my course, the heading has been corrected by the autopilot of >25° to the right. The aircraft suffered a little turbulence (I do not know if the reason was a combined turbulence or an aerodynamic effect cause by the high difference heading/course). The question is: Is there a performace limit for the crosswind in the NGX (that is not an Hurricane explorer)? What to do in term of SOP when a limit, if it exceeded?
  10. Marenostrum

    Microsoft Access Database issue with NGX

    Just for you to know.... is a voice message referring to the PMDG product but generated by FS2crew. It could happen if I open a saved situation where the aircraft is not set as FS2crew is expecting (eg Cold and Dark). I usually open saved situations but all with the aircraft set in a cold and dark setup. This time, for test reasons, I opened the aircraft as set by PMDG by default and FS2crew launched the vocal message of error. Nothing to do with PMDG itself.
  11. Marenostrum

    Microsoft Access Database issue with NGX

    I really do not know...I will ask to FS2crew...but the sentence starts with PMDG so I posted also here
  12. Just for you to know. PMDG has answered telling me to uninstall that access database module (via win 10 control panel) . The module has been probably installed by the PMDG also if it is a feature not existing for the NGX (for future possible expansions). I unistalled it and restarted the PC. All seems to work properly with the exception of a voice that randomly says, out of my speakers, something similar to "PMDG has found an SDK error please contact FS2crew". Not always, only sometimes ...but for the rest FS2crew works properly.
  13. Marenostrum

    Microsoft Access Database issue with NGX

    Chris, I have seen that you have answered the PMDG I reply here to inform the community too. I have unistalled the Access Database 2010 (spanish) module via the win 10 control panel and now: - after a computer restart: word and excel start without errors - P3D V4.3 open starts errors - if I load a scenario with a PMDG saved, PMDG NGX can be loaded but sometimes (?) I get a voice out of my speakers saying something like........"PMDG has found an SDK error...please contact FS2crew". (or similar...I Just heard it two times randomly) But FS2crew seems to work properly. What does it mean that voice? how to switch it off? By the way....following your indication now the MSoffice issue has been solved. Thank you
  14. Marenostrum

    Microsoft Access Database issue with NGX

    Another post in the PMDG forum to be taken into consideration. ________________________________________________________________________________________ Posted September 11, 2017 by SKYSTAR I do have an issue with the spanish Access Database Engine 2010 64Bit too. But I don't have the PMDG 777 installed!!! I'm not able to install the Office 2010 Pro 32Bit, due to a Setup-Error. The Access Databese Engine appears to be installed on my computer on the 08/19/2017. On the same day, I had the following other Addons installed: A2A C128 A2A Commanche 250 JustSim EDDH JustSim EDDL PMDG 737-8900 (the same as me) PMDG 737-6700 I don't have any PS2Crew installed. This is already my 2nd PC setup in 4 weeks, as I ran into the "Spanish Access" before, wenn I installed the MS-Office 2010 first and got the error messages when all of my P3DV4 Addons were installed. Ralf ______________________________________________________________________________________________ FS2crew was not in the list ...whilst PMDG NGX is existing. So the question remains....IS PMDG COMPLETELY SURE THAT THE ACCESS MODULE IS NOT INSTALLED BY THE NGX PRODUCT? If yes...what to do considering that uninstalling that module seems to create bigger problems to P3D V4?
  15. Before 14th october I had the P3D V3.4 with PMDG NGX (no 747, 777, ...) and FS2crew NGX NO RAAS. ...and no problems too 🙂 The issue started immediately after the installation of P3D 4.3 + PMDG NGX (same product) + FS2Crew: PMDG 737 NGX Reboot (Voice and Button Control - P3D 64 Bit) (I copied and paste from the Fs2crew receipt) The solution to uninstall the Microsoft access database engine 2010 created a series of problems to som other users