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  1. Good morning, I opened the Op Center...selected the product NGX.....selected livery downloader....selected KLM 738 livery and download....I got the message INSTALLED! But I cannnot see it in P3D V4.5....and I cannot see it in the livery manager What am I missing? Thank you Stefano
  2. I have a USB headset. It is directly connected to a USB port (no hub). I probably found it.. in power options -->advanced setting -->USB selective suspend setting--> disable (it was enabled)
  3. Good morning It is not the first time and it is not only with the NGX but also with the B747-8 All is fine initially...I start to talk with my copilot, I am on the ground...when...suddendly...I cannot hear the copilot voice...I know he is there...If I reply I see the copilot receives...but I cannot hear his voice. I tried a RESET AUDIO SYSTEM...nothing I tried to change the OUTPUT...nothing. I am sure my mic is ok (I can talk to controllers)...and the copilot is listening The only way is to restart everything (P3D included) Any idea?
  4. I have been finally supported by MILVIZ. The best result is NAVSTAX (not listed in the MD530 list) 2D panel for the radio stack (not in the VC) No ADF but VOR 1 and VOR 2 and DME working. Not the best...but at least the minimum to navigate.
  5. I have bought the MD530F and I like it BUT Does anyone know how to set the analogic instruments? I am having a long conversation in the MILVIZ support forum but till now nobody has been able to write how and if I can do it. They wrote that the NAVSTAX payware instrument work...I have tried to install them using the NAVSTAX tool..but I do not see any instrument in the VC and I am unable to activate them at least in the 2D view. I am little angry for this because the MILVIZ official page of the MD530F and the manual does not say anything about it. Additionally I found someone able to run the default radio nav but the ADF does not work (using the free radio option) To summarize: a non clear information by MILVIZ and a basic function of the basic instruments not working till now. May someone help me?
  6. I have (maybe) discovered that the ADF gauge in the Milviz 530 is only cosmetic!!!! I hope I am wrong, Milviz specifies in his MD530 manual that some accessories like the FLIR camera are only cosmetic, but does not says that an important navigational aid like di ADF is not working too! Also by choosing the free radio option and adding (in a way not described in the manual) you can add the standard FSX/P3D radio stack, the ADF will not work (I did not tried it but I have read a specific post in the Milviz official support forum. May you, pilots flying the MD530, comfirm it? In the DHC3 I have chosen the (payware) NavStax radio stack analogic , that I love. But in the MD530, not only I have not this option, not only I cannot read in any MILVIZ document how to add the standard analogic instruments, but now I have also discoverd that the ADF does not work. I can't believe such a (not informed) lack by my beloved MILVIZ Pease tell me I am wrong. Regards
  7. thank you.. Manual read...nothing more than something general in the first 3 pages among 237...and nothing about my question. I will post in the support forum hopefully more polite than you...or with you more polite than here.... in the while, instead of being unnecessarily sarcastic.. you could use your very few time to change the name of this forum strangely titled "The MILVIZ SUPPORT FORUM" in something more appropriate. And...if MILVIZ is not your surname, being so polite to sign your message. My regards.
  8. I have done my first flight...very pleasant! Question: is it normal that I have to mantain the pilot twistgrip in the FULL open position since the engine start for all over the flight, if I decrease it also of a bit...the engine shut down?! I thought I could set it to idle on the ground before take off...and also to use it in combination with the collective during take off and cruise.
  9. I am new to this Heli I have two questions: 1. I have set cold and dark in the milvitz setup panel and saved. but when I load it it has the engine running. I tried many times restarting the sim, chosing the exact livery...but no way..the engine is running. 2. is there a way to have the standard analogic radio/nav or set with the analogic payware radio/nav like in my Milvitz DHC3? Thank you
  10. How to call ground crew with the voice control and ask to disconnect the ground equipment? In the 8i version I have tried to select FLT mic but it seems not to work. Thank you
  11. Thank you but this is the way to work on ground equipment by myself. I was looking for the way to communicate using the voice control and telling the ground crew to disconnect the ground equipment (like in the NGX or Q400 or 747-400 ) using my voice.
  12. How to call ground crew and ask to disconnect the ground equipment? In the 8i version I have tried to select FLT mic but it seems not to work. ANy idea?
  13. Solved...for some reasons FS2crew toggled to the non active status...I had to toggle it to active.
  14. I have just installed the 747-8 expanson. The letter C is assigned to autofeather (as usual in all my aircrafts) but when I press it the main panel does not pop up? Any suggestion?
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