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  1. To Luke I understand what you mean.... the fact is that I mentally link the "Flying Club" to "GA" aircrafts only (tipically with a maximum aircraft allowed weight), probably because this is how FlyUK and many other VAs call this internal division inside the VA. Yes, GA aircrafts are allowed to fly everywhere, but only GA. What I am looking for is something that does not exist in the rw and has been created by many VAs to match the particular sim world when a pilot is focusing on online/ATC flights (where ATC in rw is almost always granted whilst in the sim world it is not). To Ponchovilla It seems easy to file the pireps...I'll put it in my list ...thank you 🙂
  2. That's OK...the only complication is that if you fly not a scheduled flight you need to submit manually the pirep with something that demonstrates that your did the flight. In this sens the KLM style (as described in my post) is automatic...very easy.
  3. I only partially agree, You describe only one way (your way probably) to fly in a VA. That's fine...but after 4000+ hours I can definitively say that it's not the only one. I've been in 3 VAs since I fly in the sim...all the 3 are good VAs...all different. In particular I have been the Event Manager in one of the 3 (a big and great VA, probably one of the the best all over the world for the Community) and there are 3 ways to fly: to fly scheduled routes (commercial, freights, charter) , to fly GA, to fly events online: three different things. In particular, if you are focused in flying online and your goal is to have the ATC at the departure and destination airports like, for example an airbridge event or just looking at the map and seeing two well ATC covered airports, many times it is difficult to match the scheduled flights with the specific event/route. For this reason, in order to allow pilots to book the flight and use the acars to track it, we had to set up a lot of specific events flights matching the events on Vatsim/IVAO (a lot of work). The third VA I joined is absolutely focues in flying online: you can fly any route/any aircraft but ONLY online: the tracking system is taken from IVAO/Vatsim directly and you do not need any acars for your logbook (and to forget to start 🙂 ). This VA (by the way is KLM, so not fictional) allows all the pilots to choose the airports/aircraft looking at the specific events and/or ATC covered airports. Moreover, I love the FSeconomy world and I like to fly the assignments that I choose where I see a an ATC covered area. So the question is: is more realistic to fly a scheduled route or to fly not a scheduled route but having to deal with a lot of controllers? I have no doubts, but this is only my way. One among the others. So, yes, I am looking for another VA based in USA. The one based in Europe is KLM and FlyUK (that I use it mainly for GA now) and they are perfect for my needs. And, by the way, there are many VAs with the "any route/any aircraft" rule ...it's a matter to browse the web, ask to other pilots, read the SOP and decide. Stefano
  4. United seems to require to fly the UA routes..I did not find the any aircraft /any route possibility. deltava.org if I remember does not show the SOP. there are two other Delta virtual that seem to meet what I am looking for... Thank you...I am still exploring.
  5. first report: American Airline: 2 VAs. VA1 stable since a long time...great...but they fly only the AAL routes...that's great for the VA simulation but not for those that like to fly online looking for ATC coverage (in my desire) VA2 quite new...unable to read the SOP so I am unable to evaulate it. DELTA: many VAs 2 of them seems to meet my desire "any flight, any place", online. Many thanks...I'll continue my investigation 🙂
  6. Thank you ... I'll give a look and report back 🙂
  7. Hello to all pilots, I'm flying 100% online on VATSIM/Pilotedge for 2 different VAs based in Europe (FlyUK and KLM). I'm looking for a good VA in USA to fly online: in my idea this means a stable VA since some years, that allows to fly any route (so that I can join the vatsim events and/or fly the assignments in FSeconomy). This is done by KLM in Europe: online flying only but FROM/TO that you prefer . Many thanks in advance for your suggestions, Stefano
  8. Yesterday I had the MSFS2020 update ...and now the Money seems to work again :) hd no time to fly but did a quick check eg: - yoke not hiding when clicked...now it disappears - fuel pump and probe heat not clickable ...now they work I think that now it is ok.
  9. I had the same problem randomly...perfect flight if I start up on the runaway with the engine on....CDT if I start cold and dark. try if you like, in the meantime that Carenado solves the issue.
  10. Good morning, I suppose Carenado is already aware of a lot of issues after the last (today for me) MSFS update. here is a short list of some of them (I am sure there are more): - Yoke cannot be hidden, - some buttons now do not work - VOR drifts - CDT after 3 minutes from take off I hope you can update it soon...I am enjoying a lot this plane 🙂 Thank you Stefano
  11. If the list is updated real time it could be a workaround to get the DME information . I'll give a try. Thank you
  12. Thank you..I had the suspect it was not available in the steam gauges
  13. I confess I am not familiar with the Garmin LCD displays... I prefer analog instruments in the GA. when I set a VOR-DME frequency in the Garmin I can see the analog VOR Able to intercept the radial But I do not know where to read the DME distance. Thank you
  14. Good morning, I opened the Op Center...selected the product NGX.....selected livery downloader....selected KLM 738 livery and download....I got the message INSTALLED! But I cannnot see it in P3D V4.5....and I cannot see it in the livery manager What am I missing? Thank you Stefano
  15. I have a USB headset. It is directly connected to a USB port (no hub). I probably found it.. in power options -->advanced setting -->USB selective suspend setting--> disable (it was enabled)
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