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  1. How are you getting FFB working? I have the MSFFB2 and I have no forces in FS2020
  2. I haven’t seen the stream but did they actually mention DLSS 2.0 support? If so this would be a game changer.... especially for those trying to achieve 4K @ 60
  3. Hi all, I tried looking for the relevant sub forum for trackir type devices but couldn’t find one so hope it’s ok to post here: I’m using the trackhat official cap plus opentrack software (the trackhat version is buggy so I’m using the standalone) I tried measuring the dimensions of the LEDs placement etc and fed them into opentrack but I can’t get it to work well. Does anyone know the dimensions for the hat? Or does anyone have any settings they can share? regards Ant
  4. Out of all the resource hogs the glass display is the worst culprit still. In my vid you can clearly see a 10FPS drop just by turning on the avionics to light up the simple glass display. Yes of course in my test the change from 70 FPS to 60 FPS isn't really an issue but if you're going from 30 FPS to 20 FPS the result is certainly much more noticeable, especially if you use any head tracking hardware. We had exactly the same issue with FSX all those years ago and they still haven't worked out a better way of rendering glass displays. Btw this is with the refresh rate set to the lowest value.
  5. Ok more to the point are you using any head tracking devices?
  6. I'm now curious as to what hardware setup you have..................
  7. You sound upset for some odd reason. Yes I'm not saying that it is never fluid, more so the main issue is the unstable frame rate, hence why performance tanks when using glass cockpit in any airliner (not so much in the Airbus) but still significant. If you fly around using only external views then you personally may not be seeing this. Before you attempt some kind of rebuttal please take a look around these forums 🙂
  8. Yes because the Unreal engine worked straight out of the box! Around five years after the release of FSX there was one of the original devs talking about how the original code had major issues with performance and how they never really sorted it out. It might even be here on the AVSIM forums
  9. You may not fully understand how CPU utilisation works, It's basically low due to the software not using CPU cycles and cores to their advantage. This is why when you put a card such as the 2080 you wont see any large gains.
  10. The game is built on the legacy FSX code, we wont be seeing any real performance gains till they change the API and try to sort out the original issues FSX had with performance. After all these years wrestling with FSX its quite sad to see they didn't build this from the ground up. The only real saviour in all this will be the change from DX11 to 12 along with DLSS 2.0.................. I hope 🙂
  11. That’s all good but you are going by what you feel as to actual numbers. Benchmarking is a whole new world
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