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  1. I feel what you're going through Gunter. We had the same thing happen to us about three months back while we were away. Hope all goes well, and hope everything is going well on your trip!
  2. In my own backyard but on a Wednesday! I'll fly the trip, but it won't be the same without the rest of you!
  3. Well, things work fine with nothing in the Community folder. Time to go on a hunting expedition for the culprit file! Thanks again for the suggestions. Fair skies and following winds, Frank "Ponch"
  4. Thanks for the input. I'll try the suggestions and see what happens.
  5. And now, in addition to the above mentioned miseries, when I try to quit from a flight and get back to the main menu, it hangs up there, too! As Yosemite Sam would say, "Ratsafrats!"
  6. Hello all, Within the past two weeks, whenever I go to the Content Manager it just sits there and gives me the "whirling halo of indecision chasing its own tail." Also, when I try to quit and go back to desktop in the usual manner, MSFS will "hang" and I have to quit out via Task Manager. Any ideas? Thanks in advance, Frank
  7. You know what Bert - it does look a little bit Heinkel 162-ish. Hoping it flies a little better.
  8. Thanks! It just happened to be dumb luck. Right place, right time, I guess!
  9. A couple of quickies on an impromptu flight from Algiers to Marrakesh in the DC Designs F-14A. I didn't realize that I was lining up with the sun and the moon until I got to altitude. Funny how things work out, inn'it?
  10. Air California Hughes Airwest (Who remebers THEM?) I remember the jingle, however. "Hughes Airwest! Top banana in the west!" PSA Delta United
  11. The Turbo Arrow is a good choice in my opinion. It is a superb touring aircraft for me as I fly throughout the American West. It has a good combination of customization, immersion and "flyability," and can get to altitude fairly quickly. You can go a long way fairly quickly on not too awfully much 100LL. Personally I will fly either the Turbo Arrow III or IV, but given a choice I prefer the Arrow III because I feel the t-tail of the IV imparts a more sensitive feel to the elevator response. But then again, that is only one opinion. I have all of JF's iterations of the PA-28 airframe and enjoy each of them immensely, but if you have the choice to get only one, I recommend the PA-28R Arrow III/IV Turbo.
  12. It is so sad to find out that Roman is gone. I wish his family and friends nothing but comfort and good memories during this difficult time. I still remember the 2017 RTW race. He flew wingman with me when Team Flightsim had so much difficulty that year and we were moving the (by then unofficial) Baton back to the start. So much respect and such a fond memory. It goes without saying that we already miss him terribly. and for you, Roman, No more pain, only good things And as I always say, Fair skies and following winds Ponch
  13. Thanks large. Instead of transforming my head into even more of a chrome-dome (pulling my hair(s) out) I am now sinking down into my chair and transforming into a puddle of relaxation. Thanks for the advice.
  14. Forehead. Desk. Repeat. What am I doing wrong with the update? And I am invoking the Name for the Christmas season and the Easter season.
  15. I keep running around in circles on the update. The MS Store provides me with circular options. Please remember that I am somewhat of a luddite. I'll be on early before the flight.
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