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    Lifetime flight enthusiast. Time, money, and inclination never seem to intersect, so it's just sim flying for now.
  1. Hats off to you all. After a Race like that, it's time for a few cold, tall ones. The first round's on me! Cheers/Salud/Prosit/Skol!
  2. On behalf of the members of Team Murphy Part II, congratulations on a well executed race! Our race, on the other hand, was just plain executed. I just don't know whether it was on the chopping block, at the stake, or in the chair! We're working on it though, and we hope to be running neck-and-neck with you all again in the future! 'Till then... Fair skies and following winds, Frank "ponchovilla" Team FlightSim (But at this point, it's probably Team FriedSim!)
  3. ponchovilla

    They have returned!

    It may have taken a while, but we got it DONE! Thank you all for the congratulations and support. Fair skies and following winds, Frank "Ponch"
  4. Fully awake and functioning again! Congratulations on a well flown race. :Applause: Save a few in the cooler for us, we WILL finish! Fair skies and following winds, "Ponch" Team Flightsim Team Murphy