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  1. Thanks large. Instead of transforming my head into even more of a chrome-dome (pulling my hair(s) out) I am now sinking down into my chair and transforming into a puddle of relaxation. Thanks for the advice.
  2. Forehead. Desk. Repeat. What am I doing wrong with the update? And I am invoking the Name for the Christmas season and the Easter season.
  3. I keep running around in circles on the update. The MS Store provides me with circular options. Please remember that I am somewhat of a luddite. I'll be on early before the flight.
  4. Looks like fun! One thing, though, Lampson is in Lake County, not Mendo. (Fifth generation Californian speaking ) Anyway, can't wait to fly with everybody this weekend! Great flight plan, my "neck of the woods," woo-hoo!
  5. The VA actually has two different ACARS utilities that you can use. I use the vUAL ACARS utility. To fly a flight on the actual United schedule, I input the appropriate info (gleaned from FlightAware and other sites) and check the charter box before starting the flight, and when parked at the arrival gate, I make sure the proper VATSIM info is entered in the comment box, hit the stop flight button and then the file pirep button right after that, and the flight is automatically approved.
  6. I fly with virtualunitedairlines.org. You can fly online or offline, current or vintage aircraft, and any Star Alliance member airline. You only need to fly one flight during a calendar month to stay current on the roster and can transfer up to a certain number (I forget how many at the moment) of VATSIM hours. Just another suggestion to investigate.
  7. Got plenty of practice on cross-control technique in the Seneca. Definitely helped to sharpen the skillz. Thanks for the itenerary!
  8. Hats off to you all. After a Race like that, it's time for a few cold, tall ones. The first round's on me! Cheers/Salud/Prosit/Skol!
  9. On behalf of the members of Team Murphy Part II, congratulations on a well executed race! Our race, on the other hand, was just plain executed. I just don't know whether it was on the chopping block, at the stake, or in the chair! We're working on it though, and we hope to be running neck-and-neck with you all again in the future! 'Till then... Fair skies and following winds, Frank "ponchovilla" Team FlightSim (But at this point, it's probably Team FriedSim!)
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