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  1. The immersion is no longer there. What's this? Update and a PMDG product. I do enjoy rotary winged aviation in DCS. Syria and some of the Normandy maps. To me. the point of flying warbirds is to shoot stuff down and blow stuff up .
  2. A great route. The Columbia River is impressive. FS 2020 really allows for exploring the world. To me, it provides a good sense of the geography of a place or feature. Cheers!
  3. Caught up with Ron and we attempted a loop while in formation. Not terrible for a first try.
  4. Didn't catch a break with the weather here. The rain is holding off and I was slow to get moving this morning so I am occupied with maintaining the manor.
  5. With regards to the Paris scenery, I did some additional testing with caching a lot of the area at high and it improved my experience. I was getting a lot of splotchy gray areas a little further away which would draw better as I got closer and went past. Caching the scenery, I no longer see the melted photogrammetry buildings that then pop into focus and clear up.
  6. Flying around Paris I noticed this interesting jet captured in the Paris photogrammetry. http:// I was just about caught up with you past the first airport when I lost power. With regards to the stutters and the liveries, just fly default I since no one else is going to see the one you chose and we can't all be in separate ones.
  7. Reality is a simulation, FS 2020 is a game to distract from the simulation.
  8. Thanks for letting us know. Anything we can do to cheer you up? A chocolate biscuit perhaps?
  9. I have CH Control Manager installed but run in direct mode without any custom mapping and am able to program a toggle for revers thrust with FS as the Minimum detent button (17 and 18 for the A320 / CJ4 / 787. When I land, I pull the throttles back to the stop and then increase to throttle to increase the reverse thrust. Then I pull the throttle back to the stop to toggle out of reverse thrust. It is not as elegant as how I used to have my quadrant programmed in FSX for the 747 but it works. I was having a lot of issues with CH Control Manager and Windows 10 disconnecting the controllers. Curious if you have had that problem? I would like to get back to using CH Control Manager in mapped mode as I used to leverage the SHIFT function to double the number of buttons as well as some programming techniques for special functions.
  10. D-EMAR over Grand Prismatic Spring, Yellowstone National Park, WY. http://
  11. That was good fun. Not sure how Ron landed where he did @ 1:07
  12. http:// Matches my Tie-dye T-shirt. I find myself flying the Just Flight Archer III across the United States. Here I am getting fuel in Spokane. Soon I will be over Yellowstone.
  13. G-OBAK spotted over Lisbon. http://
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