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  1. I am very satisfied with my Fulcrum yoke. I will be watching to see what happens. My old CH Products Throttle quadrant in worn out and I was never a fan of the Bravo. There is a need for something good.
  2. There is no reason to lubricate the shaft. My Fulcrum Yoke started to have a bit of friction and rubbing noise when rotating to the right. Since Fulcrum is sadly no more, I pulled the cover off and discovered that lubricating the shaft is pointless. At no time does the shaft move through any bearing or collar. My issue was caused by the return springs rubbing on the shaft itself. It appeared to have a light lithium grease on the springs
  3. I have the WinWIng Orion 2 Throttle and Joystick with the extension. I enjoy their product. Coming from an old CH HOTAS setup it is a huge improvement. I did pay a lot for shipping yet the product arrived within 5 days very well packaged and protected. However, I believe they now have a North American store and this is not the case. I do not have any experience with Virpl or VKB or Thrustmaster. My one issue is trying to use some of the 3 position toggle switches in FS 2020. I would like to have Gear Up,. off and Down for my Commanche. When I fly with my Yoke, I still use the switches on the throttle for various functions.
  4. Did the sim render the snow appropriately? The hills above LA looked more like the foothills west of Denver at the beginning of the month.
  5. The extra cache on my 5800X3d i just put into an AM4 system makes a big difference on the ground at LAX
  6. If you currently have an AM4 board, the 5800X3D is a great improvement for $300 USD. AM5 Motherboards and DDR5 RAM are still expensive. I moved my 5900X to another system and replaced it with the 5800X3D. That cache makes a big difference in Flight Sim.
  7. Lots of F-104 flying scenes mixed in with lots of cheesy acting. I
  8. I was testing Sky Dolly last night and managed to capture this landing of mine.
  9. One issue I noticed today while flying online over Duxford with a mate is that the livery of his updated Spit changed when we lost track of each other while working on formation flying. When we reestablished visual contact and reassembled our formation, his livery had changed. To me, it seems some developers aircraft have this issue while other do not.
  10. This is the first time I have heard of this. He was in the Navy for 17 years. Started flying for Republic in 2020 and training as a captain with Envoy 2 months before he died unexpectedly on November 19, 2022.
  11. You can also use the hat clip.
  12. I disabled all my add-on scenery in Add-On Linker and now I get the guy holding the wing. Not sure which scenery, maybe something in the UK.
  13. Unable to launch. Like others have posted. Nothing happens.
  14. The instructions say to move your Rudder left and right a few times and nothing happens. Anyone else seeing this? My rudder pedals are set to rudder axis and calibrated properly.
  15. "As you go up in horsepower and performance. It becomes more and more important that you take nothing for granted. You must know all about the controls, operating mechanisms and PowerPoint."
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