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  1. buzzbee

    RTWR 2019 Interest

    I will be travelling internationally again this year. Blame Iceland Air and their low fares. If I were available, I would jump in with one of the other forums in order to fly more.
  2. buzzbee

    Propliners over the Andes

    Going to Chile for the solar eclipse next year. (Good excuse to visit another continent.) Any freeware prop-liner recommendations? Still on FS X Steam and not buying more aircraft unitil I can get Prepar3d.
  3. Lucky to survive someone's poor decision making abilities. Pilot had a lot of time to pull the power off and set it down.
  4. Probably not smart to bring your three buddies along. Might not turn out well.
  5. Flying wing for Travis SAZS -> SCSE in the Airplane Factory P-51h - FSX
  6. buzzbee

    For those that sit and wait...

    I hope to be of some assistance.
  7. Active Sky for FS9 and Default FSX real world for FSX. Buzz
  8. buzzbee

    RTWR 2015 Recruitment

    Call sign: Buzz Bee Experience: veteran Tell me what to fly and which way to point it.
  9. buzzbee

    Updated NOTAMS

    I may have to start my vacation early. I am taking time off for the race. Life has been busy and keeping me away from practice sessions but not practicing. Buzz
  10. buzzbee

    Dear RTW Committee 2015

    The bonus bank and challenges add character that change the race from year to year. Longer legs? So fewer people can participate? If you eliminate the "rubbish" in the rules you will leave gaps and loopholes and some people will lawyer the race to death and get their feelings hurt.
  11. buzzbee

    New FS RTW Race Main Site

    With FS X supposedly coming to STEAM with Flight 1, it would be great to somehow get some press attention for the upcoming event. This hobby will die if you don't somehow capture the interest and attention of the next generation.
  12. buzzbee

    Welcome Back - 2015

    Hey Howdy Hey How has the server performance been at AVSIM for posting? I always have to login to see the forums. I believe in the rules the forums need to be in an open and public place.
  13. buzzbee

    Welcome Back - 2015

    Hi there - Anyone hear From Rob O. Lately? The Great Ozzie? Just working and living the family life here. Limited sim time has been spend in DCS A-10C,