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  1. I somewhat agree it is pretty good but using the FMC and setting altitudes and so on for me aren't possible.
  2. I have had the rift since release but i find it just too difficult to interact with the aircraft. The immersion is something you have to see to believe but diminished interaction and poor resolution aren't there yet.
  3. My two cents, possibly either an EFB and an outside chance of some improved type of ATC?
  4. "Well, I did a full new download of P3dv3" Are you sure you downloaded V4?
  5. That's the thing you haven't made a point at all.
  6. Did the same over the weekend, YSSY-OMDB and YBBN-KSFO both flights went without any issues (other than the ones induced by me) Could not be happier with the performance and of course the Queen.
  7. At the risk of sounding impatient how far away would the second tutorial be? Very happy so far, she is a beautiful thing.
  8. Huge thank you to the team, looking forward to many many hours of enjoyment flying her.
  9. Have been at work for three hours feels like eight. Only thing getting done here is F5.
  10. Look forward to the Tutorials then YSSY-KSFO!
  11. Managed to update and have a look. As mentioned above a little too blurry and instruments are too difficult to read. One day this will be the way to go but it doesn't seems that it is the case today.
  12. With the release of P3D 3.4 and its VR support I'm looking forward to loading up both the 737 and 777. Has anyone had a look?
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