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  1. just got notice and downloaded update got two installer files there named rxp gtn-750-xpl and rxpgtn-650-xpl own both gtn 750 and gtn 650 for xplane from reality xp am thinking since are marked xpl there for xplane versions as in going thru process did not see chooses for p3d only xplane are these updates going to be made for p3d versions to? as also have both gtns for p3d , is there a page somewhere with instructions on how to properly apply updates? as no instructions seemed to come with the updated installers, does old versions need to be uninstalled b4 applying updates and if so will uninstalling old versions uninstall the trainers also will trainers need to be reinstalled also?, as tried installing over older versions without uninstalling older versions first guess did not work cuz am still getting notice am still running old version, looked thru reality xp site did not find any instructions for proper way of applying updates. Any help would be much appreciated, am liking the gtn so much thinking seriously bout getting the 530, 430 for both xp and p3d from them Steve Simmons
  2. my problem,isnt my sim sounds lowering they stay fine, my problem is sound being lowered in other apps running, discord-youtube-spotify when anything comes in on the radio in the plane. will be group flying chatting with friends on discord-then recieve radio chatter and the volume in discord auto lowers to point where cant hear my friends talking to me, or listening to a video or music and sound auto lowers to where cant hear the video or music, then can shut down p3d and those sound levels come back up is there a setting that can be turned off that auto lowers the volume in apps that are trying to run along with p3d and monitor while running p3d?
  3. that did not work volume of other apps running in background ie discord, youtube. goes way down when anything comes in on radios. still have done both suggestions posted here, any other ideas?
  4. chase plane works in some planes but not in others, middle mouse button wont pan view or zoom saved outside views not correct views I had saved for the plane, get a weird from inside the back portion of plane, one planemaker notice this problem in are a2a planes Steve
  5. just downloaded v1.035 and photoscenery came with it what exactly does it cover just the airport? or more?
  6. kewl, sounds exciting looking forward to it will definitely be on my get list...tnx for info..
  7. tnks for reply albar, very kewl app, also all rest of ur apps very kewl and helpful, hats off to you sir, but got it working, was my anti virus firewall had forgot to put a exception in to allow through, added exception then viola aircraft appeared on map, sorry to bother u guys, can mark this one solved
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