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  1. Hi, Trouble with Speech assistant and help grammar and Phrases to say. Yesterday, I was installing and testing the Pilot2ATC software for the first time. I succeeded to make it work BUT for the "help grammar" functions related. Pilot2ATC was not able to display "Phrases to say" in the grammar help function. The Speech assistant ?+ had no sentence, neither the ? button. It took me an evening of tribulations and efforts, but I think I understand the reason. On my PC, I logon to an unpriviledge windows account (standard user) for security reasons let's call it Paul's account . The install program of Pilot2ATC requires the priviledge (admin) account (I have to type my admin password) which is fine and most install programs do. However, I saw, as it was quickly displayed in the install windows, that the Grammar help XML file is put in the admin/AppData/ directory not in my Paul/Appdata directory. That's why the Pilot2ATC which I run as Paul is able to find the grammar but not the help grammar. I saw in some post that you suggested to run Pilot2ATC as an administrateur, this doesn't work for me because I'm on a trial licence. Please, put everything in the regular install directory ;-) And BTW, your software is fantastic. Chris.