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  1. Hello, I have noticed very short contrails from my aircraft, and I have a few screenshots: And my special effects distance is on High for those screenshots.
  2. The Norwegian Airlines one is LN-DYC which is the default But the AA is by Tavers. Here is a screenshot for the PMDG House: Thanks
  3. Hello, I have noticed that the front wheel chocks are weirdly textured, and I have been experienced ever since I got the 737 for P3D. And I am running my sim on v4. Here are some screenshots: Thanks
  4. No problem, I'm happy to help improve ChasePlane! :)
  5. Ok, I did search the aircraft.cfg file and they didn't come up with anything to do with "ChasePlane". I think that it would be highly unlikely that Steam reverts back the .cfg file, as I've installed skins with to the Aerosoft, its only if you ask Steam to "Verify integrity of game files..." http://prntscr.com/f13y5w Whilst I was writing this, I decided to try and edit the .cfg file, and write "Please don't remove this line of string" and it couldn't save, then I noticed that I had FSX open, and decided to close FSX, and try and save it again, which it worked. Well, I guess everything up there is what to do with trouble shooting. Just going to tell you, ChasePlane can't modify the .cfg files whilst FSX is running, so I ran ChasePlane without opening FSX, and it changed the .cfg files, and now it works! I guess the fix is run ChasePlane without opening FSX at all. Thanks for the help!
  6. The problem is that every time I launch CP, the message reappears, and I don't think its fixing the problem with the camera movement, I've tried restarting numerous times.
  7. Hi, The Aerosoft Airbus cameras don't work at all, I try to move around and look around the cockpit and it won't let me. I have FSX:SE and I bought the Airbus of Steam, which makes a folder for the plane which is not in SimObjects but another SimObjects but in DLC ("DLC\500201\SimObjects"). I keep on getting the same message from ChasePlane that "The following aircraft have been modified to work with ChasePlane." http://prntscr.com/f0q4ml Edit: Forgot to add this but I've also tried the quick fix. Thank you for your time!
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