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  1. Richard Myers

    Tutorial 1 - Route Entry - BUBIN no longer valid

    Thanks guys I'll do some research. BTW Is there any chance that Kyle could issue an addendum or update, there must several newbies who are being frustrated by this situation. Richard Myers
  2. Just gone back to try Tutorial 1 only to find that the last waypoint on the route, namely BUBIN is an "Invalid entry". Everything is up to date including 777 file (re-downloaded and installed today) Navigraph 1801 rev 1 also downloaded and installed today. Cannot proceed... Richard Myers
  3. Richard Myers

    Version 4.0

    I thought I saw on Facebook that version 4.0 was now available, if so where is it ??
  4. Hey Guys! It is a BETA....remember!!!
  5. Canadian Thanksgiving Day here today (Monday October 9th)(Public/Bank Holiday) All eating turkey I guess. Don't expect a reply before tomorrow (Tuesday) BTW I have two accounts, both down !! Still a great program tho. Kevin promised an off line facility at Cosford in Beta 4.00 RSN!! Richard Myers - Burlington, Onatrio Canada
  6. Richard Myers

    two pc and only one account?

    OK, OK... Forget my previous messages and emails. Finally sorted it /but had to create an entirely new email address on the desktop (not normally used for email!) Also set up email client for same also on desktop. I realize that you are paranoid about "cracking" but I really think you should look at an alternative method of downloading and authenticating Taken me a long time to figure out, probably because I am jet lagged after returning from UK Wednesday evening also being 85 doesn't help! It;s a good job it's such a GREAT program, goodbye EZCA Regards from a fellow Canadian RichardMyers
  7. Richard Myers

    two pc and only one account?

    Please see my various emails to your company, Totally confused and out of pocket $50can Not good !!! Richard
  8. Richard Myers

    two pc and only one account?

    Thanks for clarifying Keven. To maintain flexibility I will purchase another license for the desktop. Is there any way I can copy the various camera settings from one to the other?
  9. Richard Myers

    two pc and only one account?

    I have just returned home from an extended stay in the UK where I used my laptop to fly with Chaseplane. Now I'm back at home base (Canada) and can use my desktop with a proper video card. I don't believe I have to send you another $39 US to use chaseplane beta on the desktop, or do I ? Surely I can use it on both?
  10. Richard Myers

    777 Tutorial 1 - Star nonsense

  11. Richard Myers

    777 Tutorial 1 - Star nonsense

  12. Richard Myers

    777 Tutorial 1 - Star nonsense

    Thanks for your supportive message James. Yes I am a relative newcomer to this whole business, plus being almost 86 I'm afraid my short term memory is not as good as it was when I was an active software developer. The good news is that I have now successfully completed the tutorial flight and also managed Matt Davies' EGLL/OMDB including parking at building. Did get a "NO AUTOLAND" message but it didn't seem to make any difference. I landed right down the middle and taxied on and shut down. Very satisfying, now "onward and upward" Regards Richard Myers
  13. Richard Myers

    777 Tutorial 1 - Star nonsense

    Thanks guys, all sorted now. Regds Richard Myers
  14. Richard Myers

    777 Tutorial 1 - Star nonsense

    I regulalrly update my Navigraph Airac files. The latest (1709) makes a total nonsense of the stars for the 777 Tutorial. Is there a way of reverting to the airac that was installed with the 777 so that the STAR is the same as the tutorial? Tried reinstalling 777, no change. Regards Richard Myers
  15. Richard Myers

    Gatwick STAR ASTR4D Cannot capture G/S

    I think my problem is a matter of timing. If I arm LOC too soon the tendency is for the aircraft to slew onto the runway heading immediately. and then leave the path altogether. If I get the arming timing correct, ie leave it until we are on the correct heading it then seems too late to arm the G/S. I am of course checking the FMA all the time and understand the meanings of the various messages. Just made the approach again and this time apart from "Too Low - Terrain" warnings (which I ignored) I did manage to land, Mind you I almost ran out of runway! BTW I have of course run the Tutorial several times but it is too specific to that route to give me any general guidance as to the approach/landing sequence. I have been flying the A/S A319 for some months now and of course that bird does all the correct settings for you, so I guess I've got to learn how to fly PROPERLY ! Regards from Canada - Richard