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  1. Navigraph updated to latest airac but not updating the FMC on my PMDG 737NG on FSXS
  2. I have taken another look at the introduction document as Dan suggested, and sure enough it explains clearly that the FMS data comes from Navigraph. I went to the Navigraph site, signed up and purchased a 30 day update just to try it out. Installing it with the software provided was very easy, so I am now up and running with current nav data. I did read the introduction when I first purchased the PMDG 737, but I had forgotten the bit about the nav data. Well you know what it's like when you are a newbie; you just want to dive in and get flying and what you read in the documentation is soon forgotten. Thanks again for your help. Trevor Simpson
  3. Thanks for your help. It sounds as if you are saying that Navigraph is a good source of up to date nav data and charts. The issue though is that its no good using up to date charts if new airways, waypoints, nav radio frequencies etc. are not recognised in the FMC. So just to be quite clear on this, does Navigraph actually put the current database into the PMDG 737 FMC ? I assumed any updates would have to come from PMDG. Trevor Simpson
  4. Hi. The INIT page of the FMC (737 NGX) says that the nav data is out of date (24 Aug 2011). Does this get updated periodically and if so how do I obtain the update? Thanks Trevor Simpson
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