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  1. Navigraph updated to latest airac but not updating the FMC on my PMDG 737NG on FSXS
  2. I have been using the FSX steam software for about one year now without any major problems. In particular, some freeware add on scenery of my local airport worked fine. Recently however I was persuaded by someone to experiment with the setting for realism, scenery etc. I fear that in doing this I may have corrupted something because I can no longer get the add on scenery. Instead, the default FSX airport scenery is loaded. I keep getting a message "SCENERY.CFG file error. Local scenery directory (Add on Scenery/SCENERY) in scenery Area.120 not found. Click OK to continue." Can anyone please help me fix this? Thanks, Trevor Simpson
  3. I have taken another look at the introduction document as Dan suggested, and sure enough it explains clearly that the FMS data comes from Navigraph. I went to the Navigraph site, signed up and purchased a 30 day update just to try it out. Installing it with the software provided was very easy, so I am now up and running with current nav data. I did read the introduction when I first purchased the PMDG 737, but I had forgotten the bit about the nav data. Well you know what it's like when you are a newbie; you just want to dive in and get flying and what you read in the documentation is soon forgotten. Thanks again for your help. Trevor Simpson
  4. Thanks for your help. It sounds as if you are saying that Navigraph is a good source of up to date nav data and charts. The issue though is that its no good using up to date charts if new airways, waypoints, nav radio frequencies etc. are not recognised in the FMC. So just to be quite clear on this, does Navigraph actually put the current database into the PMDG 737 FMC ? I assumed any updates would have to come from PMDG. Trevor Simpson
  5. Hi. The INIT page of the FMC (737 NGX) says that the nav data is out of date (24 Aug 2011). Does this get updated periodically and if so how do I obtain the update? Thanks Trevor Simpson
  6. Thanks Michael, I selected run as administrator, but it didn't make any difference. However, every time I have opened the Ops Centre I have had a window pop up telling me that it didn't support high DPI scaling, or something to that effect which I didn't really understand. I just ignored it and still got into the Ops Centre OK. This time I decided maybe I ought to stop this message coming up, so I changed the size of the text on my screen ( which made all the icons much larger than would seem normal). But hey presto! next time I opened up Livery Manager in the Ops Centre the green and red buttons were there. So it was just a screen display issue. I have now successfully installed the Ryanair livery. Only remaining issue was that the FSX opening screen was so large that the Fly Now button was off screen. I changed the screen display back to how I had it originally and can now fly (erm learn to fly) the 737. Lesson learned is not to ignore pop up messages just because I don't understand them. Anyway, thanks to all you guys for your help. There are lots more questions come to mind already as I learn to fly the aircraft. But I promise to read as many of the 3000+ pages of the manual as I can before asking too many dumb question on here. Trevor Simpson
  7. Thank you Dan. Well I definitely do not have the green and red buttons. Before I go to PMDG support, could you please explain more about "maybe this is just an issue of running things as administrator". Are you saying I should be running as administrator? There are four desktops on our family computer, one each for myself, wife and two sons. I think we all have administrator privileges, but do I need to check anything else to make sure I am actually running the program as an administrator? Trevor Simpson
  8. Hi 777200LRF (sorry, but you haven't shown your name.) Thanks for your reply. I have read the manual and followed it to the letter. The problem, as explained in my original question, is that I do not have the green "add livery" button when I open the Livery Manager page. I wonder if the PMDG 737NGX for the steam version does not have the option to install third party liveries. That would not make sense though because that is what the Livery Manager is for. The Livery Downloader is used to download PMDG liveries. I just don't understand why there is no "add livery" button when I open the Livery Manager. Trevor Simpson
  9. Hi Michael I only purchased the NGX about 3 weeks ago, so I assume it is the current version. I have the Operations Centre within which there is the Livery Manager. They are not two separate things. Thanks Trevor Simpson
  10. Hi, I recently purchased FSX Steam Edition and PMDG 737NGX. I have downloaded a third party Ryanair livery which says it is for the 737NGX. The files are sitting in my downloads folder and one of them is a texture.ptp file and it has the icon shown in the PMDG operations centre. If I click on the file it opens up the PMDG ops centre. I don't know where to go from there because the ops centre manual (page 25) says I just have to click on a green "add to" button and a dialogue box will appear. I should then go to the folder where the livery file is held and add it. Problem is when I click on Livery Manager my version is not like that shown in the manual. It does not have the green add button. Can anyone explain this? I really want a Ryanair livery so I can fly a short route Manchester to Dublin. Thanks Trevor Simpson
  11. Thank you Romain. Yes, that's what I really wanted to know. I shall try it out now. Trevor Simpson
  12. Thanks Mark and thank you David for the chart. It's becoming clearer now. I can see that in any case ATC may change your set plan and you then have to switch away from the FMC route. But I am still unsure what I have to enter into the FMC in the first place for the section from ROSUN to the runway, so that I have a complete route at the outset in order that the aircraft will fly LNAV and VNAV from Amsterdam at least until ROSUN. Trevor Simpson
  13. Thanks for your prompt reply Mark. I am a complete beginner here, so I am presuming that the A/P won't work at all unless I enter a complete route into the FMC before I take off from AMS. Your suggestion seems to indicate that I could just program the route to Rosun and then fly vectors onto the ILS. Or do I need to somehow indicate in the FMC that I will follow vectors from Rosun to the ILS? I am probably demonstrating my complete ignorance now, which is why I think I need to sit down and study the manuals, if only I could find the appropriate section without trawling through the whole lot. Interesting that you say the aircraft are probably vectored off the arrival STAR before POL. I live just a few miles south of the extended runway centre line, and almost everything from the east seems to come in directly from the east without first going to POL. Also, the SID to DESIG has a restriction of 5000ft at DESIG, but everything I see going out that way is already at 10000ft or more abeam my house. Maybe the restriction actually exists but 90% of the time ATC clears them to a higher level. I have lots to learn, but that's part of the enjoyment. Trevor Simpson
  14. Can anyone point me in the right direction to find which part of the PMDG manuals will teach me how to set up the approach routes for an automated landing? I followed the Tutorial 1 from Gatwick to Amsterdam, which used a Transition leg from a waypoint on the route into Schiphol. I then flew the aircraft out of Manchester to Amsterdam using the same approach into Schiphol. That worked fine. I now want to return to Manchester, and I can program the FMC out of Schiphol runway 6 via a BERG2R SID and along the airways to any of the waypoints to the north east of Manchester. I can also get to Rosun holding point via a ROSUN1G star for example. But I really cannot figure out how to get from any of these points down to runway 23R (preferably). There are some transitions, but whichever I select I end up with lots of discontinuity points in the legs. If anyone can answer this directly that would be great, but I imagine it must all be explained somewhere in the manuals, but I don't even know where to start looking. Thank you. Trevor Simpson
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