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  1. Hi everyone, I have seen different textures painted by very good people in this community. But what I would like to know is, how do you add subtle effects to textures? I'm talking like the little shine across the tail which makes it look so much more realistic and all of them little nitty gritty parts which make a repaint look that much better. I'm currently painting on the CLS A330 fwiw, N388HA Hawaiian 2017 Revised Livery.
  2. I have downloaded the Project Airbus A320 paint kit, but the full fuselage psd file is overlayed blue, and even with changing the layers, I can't seem to change it. Any ideas anyone? Also, where is it possible to download a FULL fuselage psd, as in with the tail as well? Thanks.
  3. I've been looking somewhere for a good suspension and compression tutorial, as I really would like to take advantage of POSKY 777s, TDS 737, 787s and the PA A32x series but I don't seem to see the fuselage 'sink down' or 'compress' onto the gear, any thoughts?
  4. Usually this is just the creators putting in differently NAMED files. They are usually the same. I can't say there is any better one, but I wouldn't suggest the OSB773.air as I have found that to have more difficult handling. If you aren't happy with the handling, just download another air file or substitute it from another aircraft. :smile:
  5. Yep! They run fine on Windows 10 and I can confirm this as I run it. One of the only issues is the aircraft display preview screen. In full screen it turns up black, but in windowed mode it is fine. Nothing performance wise decreases or increases over old windows versions. :smile: I run: HP Envy 15, Windows 10, Dual 1.8GHz.
  6. I have recently merged the 50North and Wilco 737 Classic models and I am starkly aware of the lack of repaints with winglets for this merge. I am here to request ONE (just one) livery. Jet2. If any painter is willing to take the job, I would really like a Jet2 Holidays repaint for this model (Tmoos merge) Here are some pictures: https://www.google.co.uk/search?client=firefox-b&biw=1366&bih=635&tbm=isch&sa=1&q=g-gdfl&oq=g-gdfl&gs_l=img.3..0i24.1104.6259.0.6806. There are quite a few registrations with the Holidays livery, preferably one with winglets! Hope to hear if any willing painters (or forum people in general) can either point me to a livery or be as kind enough to paint it for me!
  7. Thanks McGoldri, I have done that, it works with activating the airports, I have just bought AlbySim Mombasa (amazing product!) and ImagineSim Atlanta 2016 and I have activated them and they work brilliantly. However, the AESConfig seems to say that it can't connect to the FlightSim when I have FS2004 open. Might this be because I'm running Windows 10?
  8. Hi everyone, got problems with Airport Enhancement Services (AES) from Aerosoft. I am currently using version 2.41, the newest and can't launch the AESHelp config manager to create an intelliscene config for my TDS 787-9 and 737-900. I think this is more of a problem that Oliver could help with but my second problem is I can't find an AES Intelliscene for the TDS 787-9 and the 737-900. And as I said, the AESConfig thing doesn't work so if someone could either make or point me in the direction of one would be much appreciated! Regards, EGNT
  9. Hello good people of the FlightSim community. I have a bit of a problem. I like to use AES and I use the jetways (or airbridges as I am always corrected) but they align to the L2 door, which I don't want it to do. The reason for this is I use FsPassengers which only boards through the main exit door and the main exit door on the POSKY 777-200 is the L1. Anyone know how to get jetways to connect to the L1 door? (other than having 2 jetways) Thanks for any help!
  10. Hi, guys, just a quick request to see if anyone has their hands on an AES Intelliscene config for the TDS 737-900 series as I can't see any on flightsim or avsim or anywhere else!
  11. Thanks forkedtail, however this still doesn't work. I have checked and I am running the latest AMD Radeon drivers, and now when I start a flight, it shows a preview of the default cessna and I have to close and reopen again!
  12. Thanks barrel_owl for your quick response, but the installer doesn't want to let me install it. I'm assuming it might mean I haven't got one of these. I think I might instead have an AMD card. Also, I am running Windows 10 on a HP Envy 15.
  13. Hi everyone, I have constantly complaining about problems with my old computer and how things didn't work properly. Well, now I have got a new one and I am still running FS2004, simply for the FPS. However, when I installed it, when I open it, the preview screen for the aircraft is blank! But when I click fly now it simply loads as it should, no problems. I'm wondering if anyone else has witnessed this problem before, as I have scoured the internet and still can't find any answer. My PC specs are: AMD Radeon R6 Quad Core 1.8GHZ 8GB RAM Dedicated Graphics (NVidia I'm sure) Any help would be appreciated. EGNT.
  14. Hi Guys. I use the QualityWings 757 on FS2004 and love it! However, is there a way to merge the POSKY Panel with it? I know it sounds stupid, but I just don't like it as it is just complicated for what I want. Any ideas?
  15. Done it! Turned out that it did have an AES bgl file but for some reason it was in a different folder. Never mind.
  16. Thanks guys. I have the latest version of Tropical Sim Aruba and AES. My scenery is located in C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Games\Flight Simulator 9\TropicalSim\TNCA2012. I'll check and if I see one I'll report back. I can't find any AES files in my TropicalSim folder. However, in my MMUN Cancun folder I can see one! Is this something wrong with the scenery? Will I need to install it again? I have installed it again but I can't seem to find it. Any other ideas?
  17. Hi everyone. Me again. I seem to be having infinite problems with fs9, but this time it is a problem with Aerosoft's Airport Enhancement Services (AES) I am using Windows 7. Recently, I installed TropicalSim Aruba Beatrix Airport and wanted to activate it in AES. But, for some reason it doesn't seem to pick it up and let me activate it. I have checked and it is present in my FS9 scenery library and it is showing up when I visit Aruba. Any suggestions?
  18. Hi everyone. I have sought after for a while now the Enigma Sim 737-300 Winglet Style. Does anyone have a link for it?
  19. Skywatcher, the error comes up before the program launches. I do not use the CD4 as I was advised to install the version 9.1 no cd patch by another forum when I originally installed the version 9.1. Pschlute, my computers last update was in May 2015, and it only stopped working on 24th October. Never mind everybody! Thank you loads for your soloutions but all I needed to do was uninstall the Cloud9 LAX scenery which was corrupting my files. Never mind!
  20. pschlute, I have looked everywhere and I can't find the update anywhere. I assume that I haven't installed it. Thank you, Skywatcher. I tried your soloution and there were a few files left behind. However, on a clean new install it still doesn't work! And Jude Bradley, I don't understand what you are saying. Do I need to view the exe?
  21. Thank you for the link, however in my updates log I can't seem to find it, so I can't uninstall it. I have looked at several forum threads across the web but can't find anything! Any other ideas? Oh, I also forgot to mention in my original post. A few days before this occured, I had a problem with my modules folder, could that be a cause?
  22. In reply to PebbleBeach and Ops Normal, I have tried your soloutions but they have not worked. As for pschlute, I am yet to try your soloution, (yes I do have Windows 7, should've said that before!) as I have looked into my latest updates and the last update was performed in May 2015; whereas my FS9 has stopped working on the 24th of October. Would you be as kind to give me a link to one of these threads?
  23. I was wondering if an experienced repainter, (unlike myself) would be able to paint a Thomas Cook livery on either the CLS or Posky A330-200. If anyone can that would be great! Or even the tail section would be good, as that is the most difficult part for me! Thanks in advance, and for reference here is some pics of some! (I have said this before in the FS2004 forum) http://www.airliners.net/photo/Thomas-Cook-Airlines/Airbus-A330-243/2704181/&sid=a229f9166018bdf50b84505da7a61cb4 http://www.airliners.net/photo/Thomas-Cook-Airlines/Airbus-A330-243/2671575/&sid=a229f9166018bdf50b84505da7a61cb4 http://www.airliners.net/photo/Thomas-Cook-Airlines/Airbus-A330-243/2645619/&sid=a229f9166018bdf50b84505da7a61cb4
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