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  1. Well, sundly There were many here at Avsim who suddenly got in a hurry to move to Kiribati today. https://www.avsim.com/forums/topic/580060-msfs-released-in-first-region-congrats-kiribati/
  2. Well you have the luxury that you can choose and discard what you like of the simulator whether it is XP, P3D, FSX, FS9 and now MSF. Even so, I care very little if it gets a little blurry on either the FL200 or FL400. Agree as mentioned here, just that it looks fine during take-off and during landing with nice flow, so I am happy and of course that the sim does not crash (OOM) during flight which was commonplace in FSX where you had to constantly adjust in the fsx.cfg file.
  3. Agree here 👍. Read and learn about tips from others on the various forums like this forum here for examples and other flightsim forums. It can also be useful to learn a lot by watching good training videos that go step by step on Youtube. One must absolutely be patient and realize that one does not learn everything in one day and accept that there will be lots of mistakes and trials that are a natural part of the whole learning curve.
  4. Must say that was looking really good to be on "medium" settings with a 1080 graphic card 👌👍
  5. I really dare not to think about the day when MSFS shows live images from satellite in the sim in 3D 😂😜🤪
  6. If Professional Flight Planner X become available for the new sim, you have full access to real-time NOTAMS. It's a great tool to use and I really hope Aerosoft will do something about it when it comes to the new sim. If e.g. NOTAMS has a note in it which says that e.g. ILS does not work on runway 19R, then it is only for you to don't make an ILS even if ILS works in the sim itself.
  7. Without exception to the rule. Truth to be told 😉
  8. That graphics card and processor have not been released yet!! 😂
  9. Relax, in only 9 days, we'll all be watching You Tube about how amazing MSF really is and how many bugs it contains 😂
  10. Don't look back, look forward 😉
  11. ...But as a buyer, you have all your right to buy exactly what you want. Just a pity that suppliers and manufacturers know exactly this when hunger takes over.
  12. It comes down to what you look for in one product that others do not have. Most of the customers want a plane that they can fly and spend their time with, rather than sitting for hours after hours reading how it works, because then we are on a completely different type of hobby that narrows the market significantly. Yes, it is fun for both you and me to sit down in various procedures etc when things go wrong etc, but 95% of users who use MSF have a goal, it is to get from A-B without a lot of headaches. And I'm very sure that starting to pay up to $ 130 for a plane that actually has a lot of bugs in it, then the interest drops a lot and you can start calling the supplier greedy due to a word not allowed license they have secured.
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