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  1. Well, it works fine, thanks you ! However now i've got another issue. I'm unable to get my 777-300 extension. I install and uninstall it several times, i don't appear even in operation center and fsx. Do you have any idea ? Thanks in advance, Mathieu
  2. I didn't purchase it on a flight store, it was a computer shop. It means no account, no download. Regards
  3. Hello, thanks for reply. I don't have any email, i was a box cdrom. I just have the old base installer. Regards
  4. Hello, i purchased PMDG 777-200 in a shop online. I'm unable to make software update because when i loggon on pdmg website i only see the 777-300 expansion package. When i start operation center, it says to download full base package to make upgrade. How can i do ? Regards, Mathieu
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