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  1. Hello, Since the 747 v3 project is wrapping up a lot of people are wondering what is next after the 747 v3 and 748 expansion. A suggestion I have is a plane that hasn't been done since 2010 and is a popular long haul jet that has been in use for upwards of 20 years. This is the only boeing plane that has not been done as a high quality add on. Yes I am talking about the famous 767. The 767 has had a staple on aviation for its entire lifetime and is popularly used on long and short haul routes. The 767 I think would be perfect for the PMDG team especially the 767-400. If you do not know the 767-400 has never been done and its cockpit is essentially was the test platform for the 777. These would be a perfect add-on aircraft for the long haulers and some short haulers. the 767-300 could also be done but would be a bit of a challenge for the PMDG team as the PFD and MFD are of the older kind but does have some resemblence to the Jetstream J4100's PFD and MFD. Anyway this was just a suggestion to the PMDG team and I would think it would be the perfect aircraft to complete the entire Boeing line up. Thanks!, Joseph DePaola
  2. Did you set the cruise altitude in the pressurization and a/c panel? If not that alarm is for cabin pressurization.
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