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  1. Hi, looked in config In exits it says number of exits =2 exit - rate .0 =0.2 exit - rate .1 =0.2 for some reason it wont cut and paste. someone suggested trying GSX but no real knowledge of that.
  2. Hi Thanks for all the help. I have tried to copy and paste your info into the aircraft cfg files. However when I come to save the files I get the message --" you do not have the authority to alter these files contact the administrator" Any ideas?
  3. Cheers, Can you explain how to post the exit section and when I know how I will have a go. Thank you
  4. All airports and yes we are parked at Heavy. Have just found advanced animations and they are checked and yes Nose wheel on the T. someone mentioned coding but not really sure what they mean.
  5. sorry charliearon they don't get close. they don't move at all. Although I have been using fsx for a couple of years I am a basic user.
  6. I am new to the Forum and have found Jetways wont attach to Abacus A380 and Airbus collectors edition. They will attach to FSX own aircraft. I am using UT2. Any help would be appreciated.
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