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  1. It is so bizarre! It happened suddenly, and it's literally EVERY custom airport I have. Again, for years AI traffic were parking perfectly at assigned gates. I removed and reinstalled traffic controller and that did nothing. Using an app like AI Companion and its airport analyzer, I can see that those spots' parking codes are being read properly, and AI Companion is also reading the atc_parking_codes from aircraft.cfgs properly as well as seen below.
  2. I'm pretty sure that column I circled is only read from the aircraft.cfg, as is wingspan, parking types, etc. I've changed nothing in my ADEs as far as parking codes, they're all assigned. This happened suddenly, after years of having AI Traffic park exactly as expected.
  3. Since I updated to 5.3 months ago, and now 5.4, I noticed all my AI suddenly park in random locations. I opened up traffic explorer and noticed Al aircraft including my own don't show anything for parking codes, like P3D isn't reading it from any aircraft.cfg. Has anyone ever seen this before? I use AIGFP + some BGL, but realized this probably isn't the issue, in the aircraft.cfg every livery has a parking codes entry, so that's not the issue.
  4. No I double checked, Captain Sim doesn't do any custom key assignments. P3D has zero assignments from my joystick, FSUIPC has had all commands deleted as well.
  5. I'm getting issues pretty often where certain controls randomly won't work. Generally it's the throttles and many of the buttons and keys, and I'll have to disconnect and reconnect AAO several times to get it to work. Once their working, they'll contue working until the next restart, but I've no clue what's going on! Today, I was using my joystick trigger to release parking brakes, and it somehow triggered a keyboard command I have for wing lights. See attached video. In the video I'm pressing the joystick button 0 and it's also having the Shift+W command initiated as well. The other commands are working. https://youtu.be/QfhToZVEN2g
  6. @Lorby_SI Got it all figured out, thanks so much! Your customer service is top-notch.
  7. Is it possible to have one key do a toggle without scripting? I'm working with the Captain Sim 757, and I want Shift+T to toggle the taxi light, one push does value 1 next push does value 0, etc. The taxi light switch is a local variable called "L:O12_006_SW2". I've already made a working script for this, but is there a more obvious way just using the already available settings? I just didn't want to have to repeat this numerous times.
  8. Just downlaoded the demo today to see if the software could do exactly what I wanted, and I was excited to see that it did! I was going to purchase the software to begin using it fully and suddenly the demo won't even open. The startup log is normal.. 14-Sep-22 14:06:45.437 : Sound folder set: C:\Users\*****\Documents\LorbyAxisAndOhs Files\Sounds 14-Sep-22 14:06:45.438 : Scripts folder set: C:\Users\*****\Documents\LorbyAxisAndOhs Files\Scripts 14-Sep-22 14:06:45.438 : Web server folder set: C:\Users\*****\Documents\LorbyAxisAndOhs Files\WebPages 14-Sep-22 14:06:45.438 : Screenshot folder set: C:\Users\*****\Pictures\Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 Files 14-Sep-22 14:06:45.439 : Simulator files folder set: C:\Users\******\Documents\Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 Files 14-Sep-22 14:06:46.236 : App configuration loaded 14-Sep-22 14:06:46.244 : Config database loaded 14-Sep-22 14:06:46.388 : SimConnect callback established 14-Sep-22 14:06:46.389 : Simulator activated 14-Sep-22 14:06:46.439 : Found Joystick Cyborg F.L.Y.5 Flight Stick 8d267ca0-7f37-11ea-8001-444553540000 14-Sep-22 14:06:46.447 : Added Joystick Cyborg F.L.Y.5 Flight Stick 8d267ca0-7f37-11ea-8001-444553540000 14-Sep-22 14:06:46.544 : Acquiring devices now 14-Sep-22 14:06:46.548 : Initialized Cyborg F.L.Y.5 Flight Stick;8d267ca0-7f37-11ea-8001-444553540000 14-Sep-22 14:06:46.548 : Device acquisition completed I've uninstalled and reinstalled about 5 times and it still won't open. I Manually deleted the files in Appdata/local, main program folder, and MSFS packages folder. Any Ideas?
  9. Thank you! Is there also a list of al possible runway parameters out there? I saw some recently that weren't in any samples, like: <ATCModel>!A321,!B739,!B77W,!A359,!A35K,!A388,!B744,!B748</ATCModel> <EmptyWeightLimit>200000</EmptyWeightLimit> Are there any that have to do with callsign? Thanks!
  10. 1st post doesn't have the latest version. The first post link is I agree can we have a constant link or something to always have the latest?
  11. Unfortunately no, I don’t own it. But I feel like they’ve done an excellent and realistic job anyways.
  12. I appreciate the words! It was a lot of work for us, but very fun and I’d love to give back to the community that I love. Thank you! Be sure to get the latest update, it has some awesome improvements!
  13. Been doing a bit of this lately, I've made mods to the CaptainSim 757 and 767, and FeelThere Embraers. All of it is free to use if anyone's interested in it. All sounds are made by recorded by me, or my friend Nick. Enjoy: FeelThere Embraers Captain Sim 757/767 Captain Sim 757 -Alex
  14. It's the "Loudness Equalization" setting or something like that. I turned it off accidentally once and noticed I could no longer hear the fuel pump sounds on another aircraft, and the packs were suddenly too loud. Turned it back on and it was better.
  15. One thing from experience... do you have Realtek audio drivers? There's a setting that makes everything way more even when it comes to FSX.
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