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  1. Hi guys, I would like to describe something I noticed and I would like to get any feedback from you in how to fix ou what happened. Its not really an issue. While flying the 744 with normal livery downloaded and installed via Ops Center, during engine start, fs2crew shows "start engine 4 and 3", at the same time, as usual. Great!! I have downloaded another livery, the *ptp file, installed via Ops Center and it does not happen on engine start, the option shown is one engine at a time. Any feedback?? Best regards
  2. For P3dv5 I am using FSRealWX 3.0. But as I said, on or off, same issue!!
  3. I am using one..does not matter on or off. I think that could be something regarding my video card, because the processor is working fine, all of them. With 747 PMDG and default scenaries I can get good fps. Just the clouds are like this..I don't even know how to describe this effect!!
  4. Hi guys!! I have the recent hotfix installed for P3dv5 and I have the following issue when EA is enable: My configs: Core i7 9th gen, 16gb ram and RTX 2070 MAX Q. Its an Alienware. Does anybody know anything??With Xplane 11 and xEnviro I have the same problem. Thanks
  5. Hello!! Thanks a lot!! I did not realize this option. Now is working fine, my FO is not crazy anymore!!hahaha Best rgds
  6. Hello!! I have installed my Fs2Crew 747 on P3dv5 and started getting couple issues: 1 - No callout and no actions ate 10000ft during climb. When I start descent, it happens! 2 - Altimeter setting crosscheck. Wrong altitude, thousand feet difference. 3 - FAF altitude callout waaay before approach. 4 - 1000ft call also way before. Does anybody know anything about that??
  7. hi!! I did it...now is working fine!! Thks for your help!!
  8. Hi guys!! I have tried to install the latest update (0.9019) for the 744, however after that, it still showing the previous version, therefore I cannot install the 748 pack. Everytime when I open the PMDG OPS CENTER I get the message about the update. I choose Install Update, the msg clears but when I check the version, the previous one still there. I tried several times, I did a reboot and nothing. Did anybody have this issue? Thanks
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