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  1. Feeling a little disappointed... Let me explain why... PMDG are known for producing excellent quality study level planes. However their current lineup is becoming somewhat stagnated and far too 'Heavy'. Their recent major release have been the 777 incarnations, and the 747-400. The 747-800 leaves me cold. As an expansion pack it may be of interest - but I have a suspicion that it will be a stand alone product at a stand alone price. As another long-haul option it is one step too far for me. I am disappointed that there was no discussion of short-haul products. The NGX is at best becoming dated (although let's face it the product it's based on is no young puppy). I saw the Embrear predictions and thought that would be an excellent addition to the line-up. Failing that an updated NGX/Max would have made sense... (I'm hoping that something was mentinoed that I missed - but I've seen nothing to suggest that. The Ops Centre idea is interesting. For me it is not an instant sell. I wonder how it is going to interact with other addons (GSX for instance), and I wonder how it is going to be priced. It has to me subscription pricing all over it... As a hobby where my time and resources are limited it would take a lot of convincing that this is the place for my cash. I wish PMDG all the best on this... I'll wait and see is I guess my final thoughts.... David Powell
  2. Just an idea which occurred to me. PMDG have obviously taken time to programme detailed specific failures into their aircraft. These are so detailed it is sometimes hard to pick up what has failed.... What would be kind of neat are some additional failure scenario's... So for instance a bird strike, may cause blade damage, or even shatter which could go from causing vibration, to an uncontaminated failure damaging hydraulic systems. A flat tyre may cause debris to be thrown into the gear bay damaging valves... A door failure may be a small leak, or may mean a cargo door has left the aircraft and hit an engine on the way etc.. I'm sure there are plenty of scenario's which the more technical minded fiend could come up with. Just an idea that I thought I would share. Would be interesting if it could be installed in current or future releases... or not... David Powell
  3. Gents I've seen a few posts of frustration, but little of thanks. I do want to say thank you though. While it's clear that the upgrade to V4 was something of a dynamic process, I at least appreciate your efforts. The fact is that PMDG are the only 'serious' developer who has got airliners working in the new sim, within a very short space of time. You've kept the upgrade process flowing, and you have communicated openly and clearly with your customers with regards to progress. Appreciate it all. Regards David Powell
  4. Can't sleep - so I'm off to start the downloads... Abut 5 hours worth I suspect... David Powell
  5. Aggh. I wish they would stop deleting my posts. Yes I know it's my fault for forgetting to put my name on, but it's on the first post of this thread and my username.... Anyway. Thanks for all of your comments, those that disagree and not. Especially thanks to the PMDG crew that posted. I shall now consider my options (buy both, buy one or buy none) and likely get bored over Christina and dive in. I do appreciate the time for those who have commented, and appreciate the thread not having been locked (although as a repeat customer who's remained polite I'm. It sure why it would have been). Regards David Powell Edit to add that I've no idea how I've logged in on a different account. Confused, not much!
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