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  1. Bombardier G6000... I really wish to see that Aircraft in flight sim 2020
  3. I want to see airport, ground handling, AI and moving gate ?
  4. Really exciting news... My big wishes about the sim; - have 60 FPS on 4k in all weather conditions. - that the new airports, airplanes, etc from 3rd party content will not sink the FPS. ( I know I'm dreaming) but... I hope so there new technologies can do that - No stuttering at all. I'm really happy they are back with a new SIMULATOR, great time head
  5. I'm so happy to see LR and PMDG start to communicated. This is a good news for me. I can understand business wise it scary to engage your self because like you said : IMHO I think XPL user aren't use to have big (FSX/P3D) names for addon, but now you can start to see changes (ORBX, HIFI, FlyTampa, etc), with other coming to X-Plane. I'm a XPL user and I come from FSX/P3D ,IF you decide to do 737, 747, 777 for XPL I will buy all of them, because your the best. You know better them me that peoples who goes on X-Plane now are more and more FSX/P3D sim users, if PMDG decide to go all in, maybe more people will give a real try to X-Plane. Thanks for the Update and I hope to see your A/C in X-plane Jean-Marie Roland
  6. I'm disappointed too, It not something I will use, too much hype for nothing Jean-Marie Roland
  7. https://fselite.net/news/hifi-provide-development-update-previews-of-activesky-for-x-plane-soon/
  8. I don't for you but me my frame rate drop like hell (lost 20-25 FPS) when I'm pointing a building at night
  9. I have to say John I'm agree with you, I bought V4 and I think that V4 need to be more optimize, Yep your ear me. I have upgade my PC to be able to use alot of the platform, I make several hour of testing with V4 alone without any add on. my goal yesterday was to just to find the same feeling I got with V3.4. In V3.4 I found the setting to be able to make turn with almost none stutter and popping autogen at 95% of the time, even with my PMDG 777, Yesterday I was exciting with to try V4, I expect to at least retreveid the same performance. When I said performance it about fluidity not FPS (Yes I have better FPS but...) , I try to see if my flying is smooth but unfortunaly it not at my taste. I was able to remove some little stutter when I'm turning but it not like I was able to achive in V3.4, I like the Dynamic light but when I'm use them, I point my A/C in a front of a building) my frame drop like hell, I can lost 20-25 frames (I lock my frame at 30 FPS), I don't know is it a bug or a problem on my side. But if I uncheck the option my frame rate are going back to 30... To be able to fly with almost the same fluidity of V3.4 , I have reduce all my graphic setting lower than V3.4, even with the re install old NVIDIA driver and bla bla bla. Overall it a good platform but IMHO it will be better after some update, and Yes John I'm agree with you, Xplane 11 is better optimize and it have a better fluidity than V4
  10. So first fly done,now it time to found the best setting for my pc...
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