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  1. Bombardier G6000... I really wish to see that Aircraft in flight sim 2020
  3. I want to see airport, ground handling, AI and moving gate ?
  4. Really exciting news... My big wishes about the sim; - have 60 FPS on 4k in all weather conditions. - that the new airports, airplanes, etc from 3rd party content will not sink the FPS. ( I know I'm dreaming) but... I hope so there new technologies can do that - No stuttering at all. I'm really happy they are back with a new SIMULATOR, great time head
  5. I'm so happy to see LR and PMDG start to communicated. This is a good news for me. I can understand business wise it scary to engage your self because like you said : IMHO I think XPL user aren't use to have big (FSX/P3D) names for addon, but now you can start to see changes (ORBX, HIFI, FlyTampa, etc), with other coming to X-Plane. I'm a XPL user and I come from FSX/P3D ,IF you decide to do 737, 747, 777 for XPL I will buy all of them, because your the best. You know better them me that peoples who goes on X-Plane now are more and more FSX/P3D sim users, if PMDG decide to go all in, maybe more people will give a real try to X-Plane. Thanks for the Update and I hope to see your A/C in X-plane Jean-Marie Roland
  6. I'm disappointed too, It not something I will use, too much hype for nothing Jean-Marie Roland
  7. https://fselite.net/news/hifi-provide-development-update-previews-of-activesky-for-x-plane-soon/
  8. I don't for you but me my frame rate drop like hell (lost 20-25 FPS) when I'm pointing a building at night
  9. I have to say John I'm agree with you, I bought V4 and I think that V4 need to be more optimize, Yep your ear me. I have upgade my PC to be able to use alot of the platform, I make several hour of testing with V4 alone without any add on. my goal yesterday was to just to find the same feeling I got with V3.4. In V3.4 I found the setting to be able to make turn with almost none stutter and popping autogen at 95% of the time, even with my PMDG 777, Yesterday I was exciting with to try V4, I expect to at least retreveid the same performance. When I said performance it about fluidity not FPS (Yes I have better FPS but...) , I try to see if my flying is smooth but unfortunaly it not at my taste. I was able to remove some little stutter when I'm turning but it not like I was able to achive in V3.4, I like the Dynamic light but when I'm use them, I point my A/C in a front of a building) my frame drop like hell, I can lost 20-25 frames (I lock my frame at 30 FPS), I don't know is it a bug or a problem on my side. But if I uncheck the option my frame rate are going back to 30... To be able to fly with almost the same fluidity of V3.4 , I have reduce all my graphic setting lower than V3.4, even with the re install old NVIDIA driver and bla bla bla. Overall it a good platform but IMHO it will be better after some update, and Yes John I'm agree with you, Xplane 11 is better optimize and it have a better fluidity than V4
  10. So first fly done,now it time to found the best setting for my pc...
  11. don't forget Rob use a 4K monitor, with a 1920 monitor or a 2k you will use less VRAM
  12. For what I listen most of them will... Chaseplane work , FSFX Packages, Immersion Packages they will work but they need some work... EZDOK v2 and Flght1 GTN 650/750? they didn't talk
  13. I just saw on Twitch live ADXLive, that FSUIPC V5 it almost done as per Rob Ainscough who say that on the chat...
  14. Hi everybody, I'm not a expert on 32 bits and 64 bits applications, but I was able to convert some of my scenery from P3D to Xplane11, Flytampa, LatinVFR etc..., For the conversion, some of them was easy to do other need more work. For sure all the light on airport need to be retouch. But overall I was able to get my airport working at 95% on Xplane 11 For the performance, I was able to see a small improvement, for sure I was not using a PMDG 777 or a FSLab airplane, I did my test with the default 737... The (Maybe my example is no good because I try Xplane but ...) So, if LM goes with a P3D v4 64 bit, I'm confident that a lot of scenery will work on the 64 bits platform but with some issue... Ex: If LM had decide to change their lightning system, most of light will not work... For the airplane that is another story...
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