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  1. Looking better all the time. If I keep plugging away at this, I might be able to fly and be home before Christmas. Chris.
  2. OK, I messed around with Terminals A West , A East, and Terminal B in Airport Design Editor. Seems to be working out OK, with a stack more AI filling up the Gates. Changed the Mil, Cargo to Gate Small and Medium with some Heavy at the international part of Terminal A. Then set the correct parking codes from Wikipedia, Also, I added iniBuilds dynamic lighting, that makes a big difference. The Airport is becoming more than half-way-decent. Chris
  3. Each year, been doing this for 8 years, I fly out of Philadelphia (Kphl), after visiting my elderly Aunt and return to Australia. The American Airlines (AAL) flight departs Philadelphia some time between 5:30 pm and 6:00 pm, sometimes direct to KLAX, other times with a short stop over at KATL or KPHX. This year, NO FLY ! , Covid 19. So I wanted to replicate Past years flights. Now, here's the thing, in real life, this time of the day is peak hour and the airport is Chock a Block, all gates are pretty much occupied, but in the sim, there are a couple of International aircraft at Terminal A, a few at Terminal B, only me (AAL) at C, a couple of Delta at D, nothing at E where there should be a stack of South West, and nothing at Terminal F where there should be a stack of American Eagle. I am using SunSkyJet KPHL, (I know,it's old but works ok in P3D), Is there another alternative ? And I'm using AIG-OCI for AI and have everything installed that fly into KPHL. When I get to KATL or KPHX or on to KLAX, there is aircraft everywhere most gates are occupied, just like real life. So, how do I get more aircraft on the ground at KPHL, do I have to edit the AFCAD files ? Not looking forward to that. Chris.
  4. Yup, the ground photo is a mess. Had the same problem with SunSkyJet KPHL but deleted a file there and that fixed it (kphl). I tried Vector elevation correction tool and that partly worked but still the whole airport is up on a plateau. I think that if there is no solution, I'll put this one back in its box. Never was much good and I only wanted to try it with the new ORBX LCAfrica. Maybe with the new interest in Africa, someone may come up with a better rendition. Chris.
  5. Did this elevation problem ever get resolved ?? Having the same with the supposed P3Dv4 SP2 version. Chris. .
  6. Get your Dynamic Lighting here from iniBuilds. https://www.inibuilds.com/dl-indonesia
  7. I just installed ORBX Kos and all my trees disappeared. I removed the Autogen lines in the Add-on.xml file and deleted the Autogen folder. Now I have my trees back. Chris.
  8. Come on Guys, Axel wants some help with his installation, not what addon to go out and buy ! Geezz Axel, if you go to your weather page and user defined you should see a compass where you can drag the little red pointer to the wind direction you want. I'm not on my sim pc right now and going by memory.
  9. You'll have to use Nemos's solution above. You have to get the latitude and longitude from Google Earth for the middle of the airport in question. Then convert those coordinates to decimal Lat, Long. Tools on the web to do that https://www.latlong.net/degrees-minutes-seconds-to-decimal-degrees Then plug those numbers into Nemo's formula above. I made an Excel spread sheet to arrive at the solution. Just have to be careful of the final .bgl format and the 0 (zero) separators. Then change the extension of the bgl file to off. Done it many times and works a treat. Chris.
  10. Doh !! Wasn't logged in !
  11. Where can I find the .ini file ?? The download link says it is unavailable. I would like to give it a try.
  12. What the he!! is "FSAILR" when it is at home. The way some of you guys write makes what you are saying incomprehensible. I guess it is an American thing. Chris,,, in Australia !
  13. Migratory birds have been doing this for thousands of years. Guess we are slow learners. 😉
  14. I had a similar problem. Not only I couldn't download from some sites, I could not connect to some Windows 7 machines on the network at work. I got the same security error. I eventually solved the problem by changing a registry security setting. Just change the Dword to a 1 at HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\LanmanWorkstation\Parameters\AllowInsecureGuestAuth Seems there is a Microsoft error in some of the Windows 10 builds. I did this at he beginning of the year and have not had a problem since. Could be worth a try, if it doesn't work, just switch the dword back to a 0. Chris.
  15. I have been using Pilot's Global NG Ultimate for a while now and have not noticed any performance loss. I only activate the area I'm flying in, and that reduces the load time, and I haven't noticed any "poping". One thing is , I have had to disable some cells so as the mesh will fit correctly with Imaginesim KATL, FSDreamteam KLAS, and the Orbx mountain air strips in the highlands of Papua & New Guinea. If I remember rightly, there were 5 cells I had to shut off to be compatible with my system. Otherwise, all good. Chris.
  16. You don't say what you were trying to install ?? It is entirely possible (and easy) to install Windows 7 on modern hardware, ie NVME and usb3, and use UEFI on a GPT partition. See my signature. Chris.
  17. Rockliffe said above, I would suggest that that statement is a breach of Australian Law, ORBX is an Australian company. The ACCC deems software, in any form of delivery, as "goods", and thus the consumer has the full protection of Australia Law. Steam (Valve) found out the hard way with a fine of $1.2 million AU, (as far as I can remember). You can read about Australian Consumer Law at the ACCC website here, https://www.accc.gov.au/consumers/consumer-rights-guarantees/repair-replace-refund See the Steam / Valve case here, https://lawpath.com.au/blog/digital-games-can-i-get-a-refund
  18. NSA's XKeyScore / StellarWind gets bigger ! https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/XKeyscore Chris.
  19. Yes, I know 😥 But it is a very nice OS. I'll know more about it as time goes by. Chris
  20. There is a better way. I'm "dyed in the wool" Win 7 user, but my Son loaned me a machine for the next couple of months, that will be used on medical equipment, and it is running Windows 10 LTSC Enterprise, 2019 edition. It is very "bare bones", no browser and stuff and updates once every 12 months, and only if you check for updates. Very easy to configure, bit like 7 in lots of ways. I stuck in a 500gb ssd and a 1080Ti, loaded P3D4.5 HF2 and it goes way better than my Win 7 Pro machine. Only a bit of Orbx scenery, bit of traffic and stuff. Both, my main machine and this new one are running a i7 8700k processors with 32gb ram. So, I'm impressed but I have to give it back. I would like to get a licence but I'm told that is a bit difficult. Chris.
  21. Yes, faster by about 6x. No Guess you are running Windows 10. If not, and still on 7, read about the NVMe install tool on the Gigabyte website and download the install tool. Chris.
  22. Yep, it is Windows 10 compatible, I have run it on my other computer and on the wife's and both are Windows 10. The program was last updated on Apr 21, 2019 Chris
  23. I had similar problems here with my internet connection here in Australia after changing over to our new Broadband service a couple of months ago. I messed around with it for weeks trying to solve, "Page not Found", not connecting at all, and taking ages to connect to known good sites. All in all my internet was a mess. The problem is now solved, I now have a rock solid internet connection and my download speeds are way better. I downloaded DNS Benchmark from https://www.grc.com/dns/benchmark.htm and ran it. It finds the fastest DNS server closest to you, actually it gives a wide selection, all rated according to speed and response time. You just have to plug in the addresses into the local area network properties, DNS server address boxes and away you go. I now use as primary and as alternative. These addresses will be different for you as it depends on where you live. The program takes about 20 minutes to run but the results are amazing. Hope this helps. Chris.
  24. There is something wrong. The only way I can get into the forum is to get in via my profile activity, ie click on my last post and then click on "Hangar Chat" at the top of the page. Chris
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