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  1. I'm still hanging out for my home airport, ORBX YBBN. The original release was never a performer, terrible textures on the runways, and now the second runway has been open for almost 12 months and was under construction for years. ORBX said January 2021 release but not a sign of it.
  2. Hope you all enjoy these, P3D v4.5 Orbx YMML, Australia v2, Canberra City Scape, Canberra Air Port YSCB. Orbx Global Base, & Vector. PMDG 747-400F Flytampa Sydney YSSY Active Sky for P3Dv4 AIGTech AI Traffic. Pushback and Engine start at YMML Waiting my turn at RWY 16 at YMML. Over Albury / Wodonga. Canberra off Starboard wing. Sydney Approach RWY 16R. Back on the ground. Unloading at QANTAS Freight Terminal. Unloading and fuel up for next flight. Flight data:- Departure from RWY16 via HORSH, CHIMU, SALLY, DOSEL. Arrival via RIVET but I flew a Vector approach to URDEN as I was pretty heavy, then ILS to RWY 16R. Anyway, you Guys know what to do. Merry Christmas to you all and Families.
  3. Locher Airfield is in the Avsim Library. Search for "locher_airfield_vd_100.zip" Chris.
  4. Thanks Guys for the help. I'll go ahead with Ses's suggestions and see how that turns out. I had run the System File Checker a week or so ago, and there were no errors. Anyway, I don't want to hijack this thread so I think I should start a new one after I have played around some more and let you know how I get on. Oh, and BTW, I said, right at the start, that the only way to go for the NBN was fiber to the home, Before I retired, I was working with fiber Optic communications between instrumentation in the oil industry and no one knew what the upper bandwidth of fiber was, only the bits of electronics stuck on each end.
  5. I am really envious of you all here on the FS 2020 thread. At least you get a chance to comment on the good and the bad. I got my boxed edition on the 7th of September and have not got wheels off the ground yet. I bought the boxed edition because of my limited bandwidth and a capped download limit. I have been a simmer since the 1980's and know my way around a computer, and successfully run P3D v4.5 with all the hot fixes and fly PDMG aircraft without a problem. Fortunately I keep up to date images of my operating system and file backups of my applications. Since I bought FS2020, I have reloaded Windows 10 Pro twice, not from an image but off a bootable USB drive. I have the basics installed so I could try FS2020 and have had so many CTD, and system freeze ups, I have lost count. Fortunately I have been able to resort to doing my other work on another computer here in the Office. You can see my hardware setup in my signature. A couple days ago, I thought I had this monster licked, buy no. In attempt to re start the application, I was met with a screen telling me the installation was corrupt and was going to down load the whole thing 120 + gb. This I let start at 3PM Monday afternoon and was still downloading at 6 AM Tuesday Morning and finished at 6:30. Then, after a restart, it wants to down another 700 + mb in updates, then, after another restart, I'm up for another 76 mb download. So now its Thursday again, I have a doctors appointment later in the morning, so early, before breakfast, I start the application and it all looks good but it tells me there is a free thing for Japan, so I tick all the boxes and it says there is another 2+ something GB to down load. So I let it run and off to the doctors I go. Back home at midday and the computer has done nothing but locked up. Only way out of this is to hit the reset button and again Windows won't boot ! Power the lot down and I get Windows to boot again, start FS2020 and gets underway for about 20 seconds and I'm looking at a black screen. Nothing happens. I have restored my system from images and re boot. Up into Windows 10 no problem, get my emails etc., fire up P3D v4.5 , Perfect. And that is where it stays. I think I will return this thing and get my money back. My wife tells me, it is like having a brand new Cadillac flat bedded out to the house and after 3 odd weeks, it still wont start. Chris, Sorry for the rant, but I am PI$$ed off.
  6. Hi Christopher, At 5 / 6 pm the place is chockers. Still I had Terminal D almost empty. If you have ever been on the way out of KPHL at 5:45 pm, you'll know what I mean. I messed Around some more, got pretty much all the gates full and the iniBuilds dynamic lighting working. I'm pretty much happy with the airport now. Here is a screen capture from Little NavMap, 5:30pm in the sim. In the sim. You can see the Delaware Express Way, I 95 and the Betsy Ross Bridge Toll way interchange. Real Life, you can see Petty Island and the Benjamin Franklin Bridge. Chris.
  7. Looking better all the time. If I keep plugging away at this, I might be able to fly and be home before Christmas. Chris.
  8. OK, I messed around with Terminals A West , A East, and Terminal B in Airport Design Editor. Seems to be working out OK, with a stack more AI filling up the Gates. Changed the Mil, Cargo to Gate Small and Medium with some Heavy at the international part of Terminal A. Then set the correct parking codes from Wikipedia, Also, I added iniBuilds dynamic lighting, that makes a big difference. The Airport is becoming more than half-way-decent. Chris
  9. Each year, been doing this for 8 years, I fly out of Philadelphia (Kphl), after visiting my elderly Aunt and return to Australia. The American Airlines (AAL) flight departs Philadelphia some time between 5:30 pm and 6:00 pm, sometimes direct to KLAX, other times with a short stop over at KATL or KPHX. This year, NO FLY ! , Covid 19. So I wanted to replicate Past years flights. Now, here's the thing, in real life, this time of the day is peak hour and the airport is Chock a Block, all gates are pretty much occupied, but in the sim, there are a couple of International aircraft at Terminal A, a few at Terminal B, only me (AAL) at C, a couple of Delta at D, nothing at E where there should be a stack of South West, and nothing at Terminal F where there should be a stack of American Eagle. I am using SunSkyJet KPHL, (I know,it's old but works ok in P3D), Is there another alternative ? And I'm using AIG-OCI for AI and have everything installed that fly into KPHL. When I get to KATL or KPHX or on to KLAX, there is aircraft everywhere most gates are occupied, just like real life. So, how do I get more aircraft on the ground at KPHL, do I have to edit the AFCAD files ? Not looking forward to that. Chris.
  10. Yup, the ground photo is a mess. Had the same problem with SunSkyJet KPHL but deleted a file there and that fixed it (kphl). I tried Vector elevation correction tool and that partly worked but still the whole airport is up on a plateau. I think that if there is no solution, I'll put this one back in its box. Never was much good and I only wanted to try it with the new ORBX LCAfrica. Maybe with the new interest in Africa, someone may come up with a better rendition. Chris.
  11. Did this elevation problem ever get resolved ?? Having the same with the supposed P3Dv4 SP2 version. Chris. .
  12. Get your Dynamic Lighting here from iniBuilds. https://www.inibuilds.com/dl-indonesia
  13. I just installed ORBX Kos and all my trees disappeared. I removed the Autogen lines in the Add-on.xml file and deleted the Autogen folder. Now I have my trees back. Chris.
  14. Come on Guys, Axel wants some help with his installation, not what addon to go out and buy ! Geezz Axel, if you go to your weather page and user defined you should see a compass where you can drag the little red pointer to the wind direction you want. I'm not on my sim pc right now and going by memory.
  15. You'll have to use Nemos's solution above. You have to get the latitude and longitude from Google Earth for the middle of the airport in question. Then convert those coordinates to decimal Lat, Long. Tools on the web to do that https://www.latlong.net/degrees-minutes-seconds-to-decimal-degrees Then plug those numbers into Nemo's formula above. I made an Excel spread sheet to arrive at the solution. Just have to be careful of the final .bgl format and the 0 (zero) separators. Then change the extension of the bgl file to off. Done it many times and works a treat. Chris.
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