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  1. ChrisDa

    Arrival at Thessaloniki LGTS

    I had not flown into Thessaloniki before and I did have some conflicts with Navigraph and the Aerosoft scenery. I checked it out on Google Earth and could see RWY 10 / 28 are torn up so I went for 16 / 34. I guess local knowledge helps. At least in the Sim I had a runway to put the wheels on ! OK, I see Taxiway F in my Aivlasoft flight bag ! That would work, I'll try it tomorrow ! Empty ! BTW., the confusion started with RWY 10L showing up in the FMC (?)
  2. ChrisDa

    Arrival at Thessaloniki LGTS

    My name is not Harrison Ford. Actually, RWY 16 is only 7,900 ft, and I was a little high and heavy. Had a job pulling up, even at 135 knots.
  3. Just follow up. Bit late, I know, been too busy flying ! I got a hold of Rex Essentials, unticked all but Tropical Water in the options, changed the colour to what was my liking and installed the textures. Now I have the shallow tropical waters looking the way they should. Thanks Steve, love the "Fixer". Chris... Hervey Bay.
  4. Arrival at Thessaloniki LGTS, from Budapest Airport, LHBP. FSX+ Acceleration, DX-10, Steve's Fixer with Cloud Shadows, OpusFSI weather, Aerosoft THESSALONIKI-X. Enjoy !
  5. Hi Steve, I had a fiddle with the water sliders and things are looking better. The deep water is a little dark but the contrast between the dark blue and the shallow water is now not as pronounced. I'll fiddle some more and see if I can improve it more but as it is, it is acceptable. Just have to start FSX each time which I did dozens of times this afternoon. Thanks ever so much for your time. Chris. Hervey Bay.
  6. Hi Steve, Yesterday, 30 November, I bought the DX10 Fixer and the Clouds addon. Both installed OK and working well. I am very pleased. Running FSX and DX9 for years, I have used REX 4 with Soft clouds and used a water set that was close to reality, but the shallow water with coral has always been a very light blue, very unrealistic. I live right on the Great Barrier Reef in central Queensland so I know what it looks like. Actually, here, when the water gets shallow, it turns more a pale green / yellow with sand on the bottom. I found another program, long time ago, FS Water Configurator, which allowed me to cut back on the bright light blue that was shown in the shallow water with coral, and I got to the stage where the colours were very realistic with good blending from light to dark blue. Since I installed the DX10 Fixer, my shallow water has reverted back to the bright light blue again, so I ran the FSWC again, I know it messes with the shaders, and FSX got really screwed up ! I backed out of the mess and all is working again with DX10 and the Fixer. The clouds are fantastic. So, the question, is there away to use the FSWC to get my colours back or will I just have to live with it ? I prefer to have the clouds, but it would be nice to have the water with the correct colours. Thanks for your time and two wonderful products. Chris.
  7. Doubled up on some text !
  8. My father in Law is an Avid Simmer, me, not so much. He came to me with a problem, OpusFSI steals focus from FSX when auto starts and shrinks FSX to the task bar, thus interupting his session. He always runs FSX in the full screen mode. He also starts OpusFSI from within FSUIPC (Paid version 4. something). I search all the forums and found no solution there. His line in FSUIPC was [Programs] Run1=READY,CLOSE,"D:\OpusFSI\FSISERVER.EXE FSX" So what I did just as an experiment was to create a new shortcut in the OpusFSI folder named FSISERVER.EXE - Shortcut and set the properties of the shortcut to run Minimized. Then I changed the FSUIPC command line to [Programs] Run1=READY,CLOSE,"D:\OpusFSI\FSISERVER.EXE - Shortcut FSX". Walla, it works every time without OpusFSI stealing focus and shrinking the full screen FSX. Sure enough, the Sim starts with clear weather, it was raining here, and we hit the Update weather on the menu bar, and down came the rain. Hope this helps. I couldn't find a solution anywhere.