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  1. Hello. I’m not sure if this is a bug or I’m breaking standard operating procedure, but I’ve noticed that when making a Config 3 takeoff, the FO will not retract to Flaps 2 during the climb. Asking for Flaps 1 or Flaps 0 both work but he won’t respond to a Flaps 2 voice command. Can you advise? Thanks!
  2. For some reason it’s displaying double CDUs when I try to view this on my iPad. I’ve tried both Safari and Firefox but they have the same issue. Can anyone help? I tried to insert an image but it didn’t work. You can see one here: https://imgur.com/O4syhcH
  3. It's not a P3Dv5 issue. I'm using P3Dv4 and have the same issue.
  4. The accurate to real life precision pushbacks that Cartayna has developed for Düsseldorf are quite incredible. He’s hoping to create versions for UCGX if v1.4 allows. 🤞🏽
  5. On a related note, would it be possible for UGCX to read GSX pushback profiles? I appreciate they’re a competitor but the flight sim community has already created hundreds of accurate pushback paths for GSX so if UGCX could read these, it would be incredibly efficient in enabling lots of real world pushback paths. That’s one of the few factors that sometimes puts me off UGCX ... if I know the airport has an existing, accurate pushback path in GSX whereas I’d have to recreate that myself for UGCX. Cheers.
  6. Hi. When creating custom routes at airports that have many similar, parallel pushback locations, is there a way to do multiple routes at one time? A lot of airports have parallel parking bays / gates that require identical (parallel) pushback routes ... it would be great if these could be done as a group rather than having to do each bay / gate individually.
  7. Hello I’m really enjoying using voice control for pushback through UGCX. Thank you for all the work put in. 🙂 In my travels I’ve noticed that an increasing number of airports are using towbarless tractors. These offer a number of advantages compared to conventional tugs, some of which are explained here: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pushback#Tractors_and_towbars This is one type for example: https://kalmarmotor.com/en/gallery/gallery-3-en/ I wondered if you are considering offering towbarless tractors in UGCX?
  8. Hi. Thank you for your work on this. 👍 Two questions: 1. I did a packs off takeoff (and set packs off in the departure brief) but the PM did not turn the packs odd during the lineup as per the flow. Can you advise? 2. In other versions of FS2Crew you can ask the PM to set the squawk code. He seems to understand the command (green bar) but takes no action. Can this be implemented? Thank you.
  9. I can confirm this exact same issue with MCE and the Zibo mod 737. It only happens with the “electrical power up with ground power” flow. The “electrical power up with GPU” flow works okay. I have tried this several times with the default flow and it always happens. Normally when the ground crew is inserting chocks as part of connecting the ground power. Hoping someone can solve this problem.
  10. I’m looking for this too. The default flows seem to have the pilot monitoring / first officer doing almost all the cockpit preparation. I would have thought there’d be a little bit more for the pilot flying to do, at least with some airlines. I’ve searched for real life flows to be able to base it on, but haven’t had much luck. Hopefully someone might know a source. I appreciate the pilot monitoring can’t control the checklists at the moment, but that’s easy enough to handle.
  11. Hi. Ah yes - forgot to run the App Wizard - done now. Yes, the mcqw787.dll was in the P3Dv4 MCE dll folder. I disabled it as suggested and now the QW787 works as normal with all screens / MCP displaying normally after loading MCE. The copilot can still look after basic controls (as previously) but not the complex overhead buttons, presumably because that's what the dll facilitates. Cheers.
  12. Hi. So I installed the new version. One thing I noticed is that during installation the QW787 aircraft co-pilot flows were installed in my MCE installation folders, but not in the My Documents MCE folders, so I had to copy them over. I'm also getting a very strange bug - after starting MCE the MCP, CDU and standby altimeter panels all go blank (I tried this in both the 787-8 and 787-9, with the identical effect). The CDU still seems to work, as if I open it as a pop-up, you can see the information that should be displayed and program it, but for some reason all these screens go blank after MCE loads and nothing I try gets them to switch on / display. I've not seen this before with MCE. Hoping you can shed some light.
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