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  1. How about you mind your own business? And setting a 4k screen to 1080p is a non-starter, and a major waste. You must be dumb if you think I will be doing that. I said I didn't have amazing vision to see that tiny text "comfortably", not that I couldn't tell the difference between resolutions. And finally, the last comment the dev posted (directly in response to me) that I saw before making this complaint on here was a one liner about how it was just a Laminar bug. It was a glib and curt comment without much empathy and without any advice at all. Not exactly the most customer friendly dev in the world! Your defense of the dev is short sighted as it ignores his initial brusque response to my concerns regarding the font issue. The feact that he may have added some info at a later point has no relevance to my post here. I decided not to return to the .org to check as I had no desire to get into an argument with a dev at that time. The software was 30 bucks and the font is extremely small unless you get your eyes right up next to the screen (not going to happen). So again, keep your nose out of others affairs. Sounds like you have an agenda regarding this product with the way you launched that attack on me. I think you can be safely ignored.
  2. Ok, so I didn't find the right click menu, where is it? Nothing happens when I right click the screen. Are you talking about clicking on the WT interface or on the main X-Plane window? Anyway, I went ahead and adjusted the text size in the settings menu and that had no effect whatsoever on the WT interface. I'm regretting my purchase. Anything better than this joke of a program out there? 30 bucks for this seems ludicrous if you have a 4k screen ( which is getting quite common now) and don't have amazing vision. I'm seriously unhappy with it. Compared to the offerings over at P3D, this can't compare. 30 bucks and I can't even read the text without a magnifying glass. Compare that to UT Live and its nice interface. I think it's a major rip off at that price for the quality being offered. I'm gutted. I also asked the dev over at the .org and he just blamed it on a Laminar bug, LMFAO.
  3. The menus in WT3 are unusable for me on a 4k screen, far too small. How do you get them bigger?
  4. That is not good for me. I don't think I've got the machine to run my favorite birds (fslabs a320 and pmdg 747) with this scenery, given that normal Orbx regions bog the frames down a lot without turning down the settings far to the left. Oh well. I am guessing this will require a monster machine to run complex aircraft and complex airports well.
  5. I downloaded some of that custom France autogen freeware to use with some freeware French photoscenery that was posted here on the forum. I was disappointed with the result. Too generic. Also, the problem with Orto4XP is that the autogen is very generic too and the cities lack identity, otherwise it is a fine solution if you use that sim. Orbx will at least show places that bear a decent resemblance to reality even if it doesn't match perfectly in actuality.
  6. I have mega scenery earth but I don't like the look on approach and takeoff without decent autogen. Also, I'm too lazy to download tons of custom autogen for every country i visit. I'm interested in seeing this product's performance with the A320 because that's my bird.
  7. It's simple compared to the FSLABS. That's my benchmark. The 737NGX doesn't require the kind of resources that the FSLabs product demands. That's what I mean when I say simple. Simple as in complexity of the software in comparison to the more advanced birds. Not that the NGX is a basic plane, it just runs far easier on complex scenery without crumbling to a depressing 19 fps.
  8. The FPS performance is probably not great with the FSLABS A320 if people have issues with simple planes like the NGX. I have a hard time with just Orbx LC/Vector and Fly Tampa Amsterdam. My machine is 2 years old (haswell e + 1080) and getting acceptable frames now requires me to turn down the settings to low or medium. I also can not run orbx England due to London frames, and even Orbx NorCal is hard with this plane. I'm hesitant to buy since I fly that bird a lot. However, it looks great and I'm tempted to pull the trigger given I'm honestly sick of boring orbx generic land class scenery.
  9. What are you trying to imply with your quotes there?
  10. Will they remove fog in x-plane 11 soon? I think it looks odd. What is the purpose of fog on a bright and sunny day? Is it to cover up something?
  11. The fslabs has a hard time with it too. Does not descent at the FAF. Also at Sion, does not descend at the FAF. I'm sure there is something amiss here..
  12. I'm a newbie and I don't think I'm doing it right. I'm trying to do RNAV approaches into LOWI, specifically the RNAV 08 Z from the West. The charts say that you should intercept the profile at a waypoint at 13000. I descended to that level in time, got the LNAV Approach and VNAV Path and nothing happened, there was no descent, no glide path. The vnav deviation bar stayed level. Any help? I'm sure many have attempted this popular approach. Oh, and a quick follow up question: what fix should you be aiming at when selecting a regular VNAV descent in the FMC? Should you put the FAF or the last waypoint? The reason is that the VNAV has brought me in too steep and late and had me overspeeding on the way down. Thanks
  13. Problem seems to be resolved for now. The solution is posted on the FT forum and a file needs to be modified.
  14. Why do you use ASCA with Rex? Just curious, I'm thinking about the product. Right now using AS + ASCA + Envetex.
  15. Hi. I installed FT Boston and Aerosoft Boston City X Scenery into p3d4 and after doing the Aerosoft scenery the Boston airport has bad elevation errors now. There is hill on runway. I should have just left the FT Boston alone (was working ok) but was advised to try Aerosoft Boston City for improved frames. I have uninstalled everything at Boston but the problem remains with the default. I reinstalled FT Boston and I load up in a ditch, nothing improves. I have tried a repair of P3D, nothing changes. Any advice on getting this thing back to normal at least in Boston?
  16. Just bought this. The PMDGs and FSLabs A320 do not seem to work. Cockpit making awful sounds in a320 when entering plane and no landing gear displayed on their models when leaving (a320 and 747). Entering the PMDG 737 makes it go absolutely hawire with shaking. It's as if an earthquake was shaking the plane. You can enter it once, but if you leave and enter it again it goes bad. Shame. How do I get it to work?. Disappointing. .
  17. Is Pro-ATC/X anything more than a flight follower? I tried it, and it didn't seem to offer any deviation from a fixed plan that you file, other than choosing which SID/STAR for you (which was obvious because it always chose a SID/STAR that started at the first/last fix you put in the plan). Didn't seem very convincing all. I never got any realistic deviations or anything like that for traffic, weather. The vectors also seemed poor, especially when in real life you don't usually fly a STAR right to the ILS. So I concluded that it was just about flying a route from a database and beared little resemblance to a real ATC system. I soon moved on. Also the "support" person was one of the most condescending folks on any support forum I have ever encountered. I regreted giving these people money as soon as I had to interact with them.
  18. I hope the bugs are resolved soon.
  19. I've never had a traffic vector with VOX. The manual states "enroute traffic" instructions and that they will vector you. I've had several TCAS advisories and multiple near misses with nothing at all from the controller.
  20. Exactly same problem here with FSLabs A320. Will try with pmdg ngx soon. I reported the issue on the website already.
  21. I have the same problem at my airports. I'm using all the add-ons, like t2g cdg, ft eham, aerosoft egll. Tower doesn't respond and manual changes reverts frequency to approach (dialogue box tells me to tune in approach again). Flight basically is over then as far as ATC is concerned. I land without a tower. Also, TCAS alerts. I thought this program was conflict and traffic aware and would vector you. I have received no vectors from a center controller and have nearly hit several planes. [ I hope you can find a solution with the log file so we can solve the issue.
  22. Problem with tower on approach - no response. Ideas welcome.
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