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  1. Hi, I have a gaming laptop, not the best for P3D, but still, it behaves ok. I'm currently using V4 on HDD. I wonder if installing it on the SSD will affect the performance. For example, I suffer a lot of stutters when touching down, will it be improved? Chaseplane, all the add-ons... Or only the loading will be shorter? ALSO, is it worth upgrading from 8GB RAM to 16GB?
  2. Hi, I used 1024x1024px textures to create a photoreal polygon to get the highest quality as possible near the runway. Underneath I've created a photoreal with Sbuilder, with the resample process. Everything is great, except when the sunrise or sunset time approaches. The 1024px textures get much darker than the resampled. Here's an example: The green area was made with Gmax, with 1024x1024 tiles. The red area is satellite image I got with Sbuilder. Why do they have different colors sometimes during the day? Thank you very much in advance
  3. actually, although it doesn't seem like that, I'm really not that kind of guy that counts every FPS ahah But I felt the sim less fluent with chaseplane, and too I monitored the FPS, and it's like 3 FPS of difference. But I'm going to change the settings and see why the fluidity changed. Thanks
  4. Hi, I used the Ezdok 1.18, but when I saw Chaseplane I knew eventually I was going to buy it. And today I did. My biggest fear: Perfomance, since I don't have the best PC. It does feel that it consumes more FPS than the old Ezdok (not a huge difference though). Is it from my head? (since it was my biggest fear ahah) Or is it something I can do to boost FPS with Chaseplane?
  5. Hi, Is it possible to insert a custom METAR on Opus and make it simulate the weather? If yes, how do I do it? Thanks
  6. Well, I've tried some times with the NGX and it doesn't seem to be as intense as before. The tests have been running well. Although when the cockpit voice recalls "1 Thousand" there's still a little lag when those sounds appear. And I've tried with a Piper, when I touched down, there was a HUGE lag... So I think It may have helped, but it didn't solve.
  7. Hi, So I've been flying very well. The FPS are ok, everything is ok, except for this. Basically everytime I touchdown there's a stutter, a freeze of less than 1 second, but it takes out the adrenaline of landing. I believe this is a problem of sound and processing the sound files. The recalls of the cockpit when landing, 'Fifty, Fourty, Thirty' also makes it lag a little. I tried and hit 'Q' to take the sound off the game, and when I hit 'Q' again to turn it on, there's a huge lag. So I believe there's a problem processing the sounds. Has anyone ever had this problem? I've googled it but can't find any solutions. I have a MSI laptop, GE62-6QE Intel® Core i5-6300HQ CPU @ 2.30GHz NVIDIA GeForce GTX 965M, 2048 MB Windows 10 (HDD) 8GB RAM What I tried already: Pause the Antivirus (which is Kaspersky) Set priority on Prepar3d.exe to High Any of these made any difference.
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