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  1. Please forgive the truly'noob' question,but On some screens when I press the menu button I get a green menu with options to change in it. HOW do I scroll to different options? The mouse wheel doesn't have an effect and the cursor knob doesn't appear to do anything either. Since this are items tied to the sim usage I just had to ask here. On the actual equipment use: Is there a recommended text somewhere on the web to use as a tutorial? Thanks in advance!
  2. Folks, Mindstar support has a tool that will allow you to edit the registry to disable the false FSX path entry and complete the registration process. I would also like to not that received support the SAME DAY. so Kudos to JJ.
  3. Ok, I appreciate the key post, but what SHOULD it be to actually work? I have a SE system that has never seen the disc version. Changing the coexist key to 1 ( from the 0) did not work. What regkey do I need to change to complete this install, specifically the registration process?
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