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  1. If it's not possible in FSX, how did TacPac do? It is possible but functions aren't there yet in the FSX SimConnect... I know the best solution is P3D but I may not pass to P3D because the program won't be only for me... If I have the lat, long, alt of my user aircraft and the offset of my object, I think it would be quite precise, isn't it? But I don't know the mathematics operations to find the position... Edit: very fun the Maule...
  2. I don't use P3D so I don't know everythink but I saw that the documentation says "The SimConnect_AttachObjectToSimObject function is used to create a new AI SimObject and attach it to an existing SimObject." So yep payload but documentation says that it's possible everywhere no? Even if it's with payload, the origin of the payload position has to be referenced somewhere and the P3D simConnect is the same one that the FSX SimConnect but a bit better so it is possible in FSX but how?... Edit: ok, I'm fine with a none 3D simulated object could you say me how to place it precisely?
  3. Yes because TacPac is a SimConnect application ;)
  4. Oh yes, it is with the SimConnect, I can do it but it isn't precise... Thank you, it looks nice but I'd like to do my program... The avantage of P3D is they got all the SimConnect project (with c/cpp, h, lib and dll's files) and they created more functions. So they created functions called "SimConnect_AttachAiObject()" , his remover function (I don't know what's its name),... But P3D works like FSX so it is possible but I don't understand why... :D
  5. Hi everyone, I'd like to attach objects to aircraft like a vehicle into a C130 but I don't know how to set the position... I can use trigonometry and find the lat,long,alt position but I'm sure it's not precise... Is there a possibility to attach it by relative position from the aircraft?
  6. Solution was to use events id with SimConnect_TransmitClientEvent
  7. Hi everyone! Since a few months, I'm trying to create a little app which will control an A330MRTT (military tanker version of the a330). I've only one little (or big) problem... Actually, I want to get down the refueling bar (it's controlled by the CANOPY OPEN command) but when I push on the key, the setDataOnSimObject function works and just after, the bar get up without my intervention... The problem isn't caused by an indentation mistake because I use an "if true" model and in my consol, it's well printed that there is no problem like that... I also tried to control the canopy of the user aircraft (with only the possibility to open it, not close) but the canopy has been closed directly... Can someone help me?
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