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  1. There is also quite a few airports missing in Peru and New Guinea to name just a few Cheers SmiffyRebel
  2. I have various switch panels with Leo Bodnar USB interfaces & i am trying to configure the DC6 to operate via these switch panels using SPAD next but am unable to find any commands. So far the only commands I have found which are related to the DC6 are LVAR but they have no descriptive meaning E.G. "DC6_002.obj" and there are loads of these commands with different obj numbers so without some kind of info list I do not know what each command operates in the plane (The 737 & 747 are so much easier to config Cheers SmiffyRebel
  3. after replacing a harddrive I am trying to install the Cessna Caravan CE208EX HD V2.1 but keep getting 4o3 Error the number of installs for this serial number has been exceeded. Any advice would be appreciated Cheers SmiffyRebel
  4. Does anyone know if chaseplane is compatable with the latest P3d v4.5 Hotfix Cheers Smiffyrebel
  5. Thanks for your help Mustang 242 I Turned Off SPAD Next while setting up chase plane and that cured the problem Cheers John
  6. Is there any way of disabling button 9 (mode switch) on the saitek yoke, aswhen trying to assign a button to a camera button 9 of the saitek yoke keeps assigning itself (as it constantly connected). This is a problem when trying to assign other buttons on the yoke. Cheers John
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