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  1. Here's one where I was trying to use the grammar helper having been away from P2ATC for a while. Details at top of file, https://www.dropbox.com/s/lnewgkp47hui3pl/pilot2atcgrammar.txt?dl=0 Regards, Paul
  2. Here's a crash log from a recent flight. The log and flight plan are at the top. I think it happened because I validated but did not file the plan. I was able to resume and continue the flight. Flight was in x-plane 11 in the excellent Pipistrel Panthera. https://www.dropbox.com/s/0ore1mi06cpits5/07042017 KTMB-KISM.txt?dl=0 minus10
  3. minus10

    Crash on ready to copy

    I did restart P2ATC and continued the flight and it was fine. The thing I noticed was the recognition log had appended 'and;' to what I said so I wonder if it's something to do with me not releasing the ATC PTT button quickly enough. It's something I noticed it does on a few of the things I say. Regards, Paul
  4. P3D Here's a log of a crash when I spoke ready to copy at ENTC. Log has transcript at top, the crash log and flight plan appended to the end. I used the R19 takeoff to AMIMO 1B SID (AMIMMO), BELGU BELGU 3M STAR to BAVAD for approach to ILS 19R https://www.dropbox.com/s/ow4jnnlq35puvem/25032107 crash log.txt?dl=0 Regards, Paul p.s. when it's not crashing it's awesome
  5. minus10

    Map Control Crashes

    I had this issue today when I was being given vectors to approach at LGIR. Not much AI traffic at all and I wasn't displaying it on the map. Crash log: https://www.dropbox.com/s/5zykdgjfhvh7zln/24032017 map crash.txt?dl=0 Flight plan: https://www.dropbox.com/s/itofhq9q1sb4635/LGAV-LGIR.pln?dl=0 Regards, Paul
  6. minus10

    Crash log

    Hi, Here's a log from a flight from LSGG to LEBL. I unfortunately can't remember exactly when it happened as the PNF was handling the radio replies. The program didn't exit though and I was able to continue. https://www.dropbox.com/s/qus1jcx3pv6kb7a/pilot2atc crash.txt?dl=0 Here's the pilot2atc FP from the fms. No SID or STARS entered prior to assignment. I 3 version 0 6 1 LSGG 1411 46.25036 6.127006 11 BALSI 36000 45.47739 5.960778 11 KOTIT 36000 44.6025 5.690834 11 RETNO 36000 44.38 5.623611 11 DOTIG 36000 44.15639 5.501111 11 GIROL 36000 44.07139 5.454722 11 TUPOX 36000 43.97583 5.403056 3 MTG 36000 43.38631 5.086833 11 DIVKO 36000 43.05617 4.776917 11 NILDU 29000 42.26028 3.828611 11 BISBA 36000 42.08639 3.625803 1 LEBL 63 41.30573 2.10373 0
  7. The Cuban cigar leg was a classic. I second all the positive comments here. I aspire to the level of comfort Marshall clearly has flying the mighty Dash. Paul