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  1. I don't mind buying another copy, but I didn't want to buy a second copy only to find that I didn't really need to ! There are plenty of posts on forums that say an MS store game owner can run it on more than one pc.
  2. I thought games from the MS Store could be loaded by the owner on more than one PC? I've done a google search and this seems to be the case, so why not with FS2020? Please indulge me 🙂
  3. Please excuse this simple question but I am new to the Microsoft Store and their Apps. I purchased FS2020 for my Dad and he runs it at home on his PC logged into my MS account. Can I download and install it on the PC at my home, using the same MS Account, and run it at the same time as him? Or do I need to buy another copy of FS2020? Thanks for your help :-)
  4. Hi After installing FS2020 I made a backup of my entire PC. Recently the program appears to have become corrupted and so I would like to restore just FS, not the whole PC. Does anyone know, if I restore the entire apps\packages folder, will that be sufficient? Thanks Robin
  5. Hi I'd like to bind button 2 on my joystick to toggle between cockpit and exterior views, which on the keyboard is the END key. I've tried binding this button in the setup to "Toggle Cockpit View" and "Toggle Exterior View" with the same result; the button will switch from cockpit to exterior view, but will not switch back again. Am I perhaps missing something when setting this up? I have an old, but great, MS Precision Pro Joystick. But am not convinced it's a problem with the Joystick, since all the other buttons bind to other functions correctly. Thanks for your advice.
  6. Hello My Joystick is 20 years old so thought it might be time for an upgrade. Please could someone recommend a Joystick for FS2020 which is fully supported by the sim including throttle control? My budget would be up to £60. Thanks for your advice.
  7. Hello I know lots of people have reported that FS is locking up on the blue bar during loading, but has anyone like me experienced this problem after a DVD install? In my case when the blue bar gets half way across the screen background goes blank, the bar then continues very slowly to the end, after which nothing happens. I have tried the various fixes suggested online, like running as Admin, with no success so have given up for the time being. Are we confident that the up and coming patch, we I believe is releases tomorrow, will fix this problem? Thanks Robin
  8. Hello I've installed FS2020 from DVD and it appears to be working, although it always asks me to have Disk1 in the drive before it will run. Is there any way to avoid this please? I am connected to the internet and always logged in to my microsoft account, so why does it need the disk to validate my copy before running the software? Obviously if I'd downloaded FS2020 rather than installed it from DVD this wouldn't be an issue since I would have no discs. Thanks for your advice Robin
  9. Hello I purchased FS2020 on DVD because although I have a 38Mbps internet connect I thought the DVD install might be quicker and I wanted the printed manual too. Possibly this was correct since I managed to install it from DVD in about 3 hours. I then went to the MS Store and registered the product and attempted to download the remaining software, presumably the game loader. This appears to be only about 1GB in total. However this small download failed with MS telling me I needed to have 127GB free on my hard drive, but I only had 80GB left available. The 127GB sounds like what you would need if you were downloading the entire package, but of course I had aleady installed that from DVD. Does this sound like a bug to you, or am I missing something? I have now ordered a larger hard drive which hopefully will enable me to get around this problem! Thanks for your feedback Robin
  10. Hello I've installed FS2020 and have purchased a single copy from the MS store. In future when I buy a new PC will it be easy to move and reinstall the software on another machine? What exactly does a single digital licence allow? Can you for example have the program installed on more than one PC as long as you only run one copy at a time? Thanks for your advice Robin
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