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  1. Safe nVidia Driver for DX12 with FG: 531.29
  2. Hey guys, I have a question... sry for bad english. ;) I was flying from Heathrow to SFO last night. Close to the T/D I had to restart P3D and saved the situation before. When I loaded the situation thereafter, an FS2Crew voice said, that there´s a problem with the PMDG SDK. I was not able to use FS2Crew with the loaded situation. Is it possible to modify the fxml situation files or something else, that tells the sim not to load FS2Crew automatically with a saved flight, so that it can be reinitialized after the situation is completely loaded? THX.
  3. I have the same issue like mikealpha. Only the first sentence is spoken by a female voice. The rest is a male one...
  4. Latitude and Altitude always -0, Heading always 0, Speed ??? and OnGround always 0, Pitch also wrong... Latest Version installed! <AircraftPosition> .......... <latitude>-0</latitude> <longitude>4.3340042167208122</longitude> <altitude>-0</altitude> <pitch>33</pitch> <bank>6.4000000953674316</bank> <heading>0</heading> <speed>4.94065645841247E-324</speed> <wingspan>20</wingspan> <onGround>0</onGround> ........................ </AircraftPosition>
  5. Open your aircraft.cfg and replace "contrail=fx_PMDG_747_contrail" with "contrail=fx_dummy"...
  6. Well, I think I found a solution or a reason. The problem was a wrong order in the electrical power up procedure. I didn´t activate the batteries and the stby power before I connected the gpu and that caused the message. Perhaps it fired some electrical circuits... Good to know! :wink:
  7. Yes. No Failures. No Maintenance required. Everything is fine. Really strange...
  8. The AILERON LOCKOUT message does not disappear, even not during landing and on the ground. Everything else is fine.
  9. Ok, I see. So the message has to be there in Cruise Mode all the time? It is already shown since I have left the gate and I didn´t see it before.
  10. On the STAT page, the queen says "AILERON LOCKOUT"... What does that mean and how do I get rid of it? I can´t find anything helpful in the manual or in the web.
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