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  1. Hey guys, Still working on tracking down this issue, would anyone have some older AH2 installers I could try. I am thinking i need to go back to an earlier version and start from there. Regards, Matt.
  2. Hey everyone, I ran this by the AH2 forum before bothering everyone on here but they seem way more interested in MSFS than supporting an FSX install. Anywhoo I have been using AH2 since its early access days and had found an installer I really liked and stopped updating, fast forward a bit and I lost all my old installers and was forced to get the newest one through JF. When I started setting my company up I noticed that the batch import function on certain planes was importing them weird. I found a fix was to pull up the .cgf and copy paste the correct names into the title block but this is time consuming and I would rather be flying than doing this. Any ideas on whats causing this or how to fix it? Attached is a screenshot with the FSX Vega import working perfectly while the Stratocruiser did not import OK. Regards, Matt.
  3. Hello all, recently after installing Aerosoft's Anchorage Pro and using Gerard's all month preset set, I am getting large baby blue taxi way lights, only at Aerosoft Anchorage Pro though. Any ideas on what may be causing this? Regards, Matt
  4. Hello all, I don't post often so forgive me if this is in the incorrect area. Since I installed v4 I have not been able to alter the runway/taxi/ airport lights via REX texture direct. everything works fine in my fsx install but no matter which type of lights I choose and load into the sim when I load a scenario the lights are always that same color blob that the sim originally had. Any advise would be greatly appreciated. Regards, Matt.
  5. Thank you for clearing that up, and also thank you for picking the -6 for PMDG's intro into X-Plane! Hopefully this is a sign of more to come in regards to classic airliners .
  6. Sounds good, the unit was referenced in my United Airlines DC-6 manual so I figured I would ask.
  7. First I would like to congratulate everyone at PMDG on an amazing product. I was also curious if there were any plans to add items such as a late 40's early 50's weather radar; or better yet an engine analyzer? These aren't big things and the lack thereof in no way detracts from the aircraft. I just felt that since t-storms in X-Plane have ruined my day before it would be nice to see them before i get in trouble. I have no practical reason to want or need the engine analyzer I just think its cool .
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