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  1. Okay, thanks! I have made a backup.
  2. Is there an option to add them automatically to separate addon.xml files? Because when I chose all of my sceneries, it only allowed to add them to one addon.xml.
  3. How can I move multiple areas to addon.xml? I'd like my sceneries to be in one location, so I don't want some sceneries in the addon.xml format and some in scenery.cfg. I know that addon.xml doesn't have the 1100 cap.
  4. Yeah, that doesn't have the limit, but all of my sceneries are in the scenery,cfg and it would be hard to convert them over, even with AddonOrganizer. And it's much easier to sort, find and enable sceneries when needed, in my opinion.
  5. All of them aren't loaded, most of them are inactive. I have a lot of freeware sceneries and different regions.
  6. Hello! I have seen other people having this same problem, that the scenery.cfg is capped at 1099 entries. If you add the 1100th entry, then P3D crashes on startup. Is there a reason for that? Could it be removed somehow or in the next hotfix? Best wishes!
  7. I don't really like the idea of getting an older motherboard and a water cooler just to overclock. I think a new platform would be better, but thank you for the suggestion. Also I'm using P3Dv4 and maybe I will try X-Plane too sometime.
  8. I don't think so. It is the latest i5 and it's supposed to have better performance than the i7-7700k.
  9. Hello! I would like to upgrade my i7-4790k to the i5-8600k. I would have to pay about 70 euros more, if I sell my old motherboard, RAM and CPU. Will I notice a big difference? My GPU is GTX 1080 and I'm planning to get 16GB of RAM. Thank you!
  10. So I moved all of the files that were installed using add-on.xml to default P3D folder (I backed the folders up) and everything works. So it probably has to do something with the add-on.xml method. Either a limit or something else.
  11. Thank you for the answer! I am using the Lorby_Si Addon Manager, but the thing is which ever scenery I take out from the add-on.xml list then it works. Also I want to note that I only add Effects, "external" Texture, Simobjects and Sound using add-on.xml method. The sceneries are installed using the old method w/o add-on.xml.
  12. So I started converting over my freeware sceneries to P3D v4.1. I'm adding them through add-on.xml, but after some "limit" of add-on.xml files, my P3D crashes on the Scenario screen, if I remove the same amount off add-on.xml it works again. Also I'm pretty positive that it's not because of the freeware sceneries. Because I've read some posts, where people have similar problems even with payware addons. I just wanna know if someone else is experiencing this and if someone knows a fix for this?
  13. Does anyone know how can I add /scenery/world/texture and /scenery/xxxx/scenery files to add-on.xml?
  14. I already have FXAA off, but thanks for the tip.
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