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  1. Most people use Airbus X without pedals for Rudder. How is that possible? I just wanted to know if I can pair it with the Airbux X to play without pedals. Or Should I stick with a Flight Stick? Flight Sticks comes with Twist Rudder Control. Does the Saitek Pro Flight Yoke come with any such mechanism?
  2. I haven't owned a Joystick for Flight Simulator before so I am pretty noob at it. I am planning to get the Saitek Pro Flight Yoke and the Aerosoft Airbus X. I have seen the system requirements on the Aerosoft website. So if I buy the Saitek Pro, can I use it for the Aerosoft Airbux X considering that the yoke doesn't have separate rudder pedals?
  3. I am good with GA aircraft and I have good experience with group flight and air show events. So I'm in. This sounds fun and something to remember. Good Luck for everyone working on this project and Thank You for this event. I'd surely be in the skies on the day of the event.
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