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  1. Another question, I see no rain effect on my windows, there should be, right? Or do I miss somthing.
  2. The update to version 1.2 of the Aeroplane Heaven DC-3 is a big step forward. The engines can be started properly. Good news. Maybe someone can help me wirth the GTN suite. I have installed the F1 GTN serie and located the DC-3. But the GTN suite remains blank. I hope I miss something small...
  3. Hi Bert, Thanks for the GTN mods, it works great. One question though, I use nav + lnav to follow the flightplan, but how do I switch to ILS approach to hold the course and glideslope? Once again, thanks!
  4. Ooooohhhhh, thanks Bert, I forgot all about the extend battery life.
  5. Hi all, Back again...can we alter a taxi and landing lights. Make them shine brighter and a bit further?
  6. Hi all, I did forget, is there a way in the aircraft.cfg to get everlasting power on the Fokker 50? Thanks for helping.
  7. Wow, thanks, this is helpful.
  8. Could someone make a KLM Exel version please?
  9. Hi Bert, After a good year trying and failing to get the route EHAM LOPIK EHN SOPVI OSGOS in the standar FMC of the Fokker, I am giving up and considering to purchase the GTN package. Can you verify for me the route and get back to me if it is properly displayed with waypoints airways and all? EHAM LOPIK V33 EHN P57 OSGOS is the official route. Thanks for helping me out!
  10. Hi all, I need some help. Can you help me by filling in the next flightplan in the FMC of the Fokker 50 and then let me know what your experiences are: EHAM sid LOPIK TOTNA EHN SOPVI OSGOS star EHBK Thanks!
  11. Hi all, Is it possible to manually enter a waypoint in the database of the Universal FMC of the Fokker 50? I like to add EHN (NDB freq 397.0), its position N51 28.1 E005 23.7 This NDB is missing from the database, thus don't show. I contacted Carenado several times, no luck... Any thoughts?
  12. Hi, The light switches are the knobs on the center pedestral. A bit further down you can find the flood light knob. Indded. they are poorly labeled.
  13. Hi Stefan, Thanks for the reply. The reason for questening is that I find the universal FMC rather limited and the problem I have with GTN750 is that it doesn't use navigraph cycles. So I figured: why not use EFB as a FMC as we did with Aerosoft's FSC until Prepar3d v4? I tested it and it works more or less. You can make a flightplan with airwaysand sids/stars and load it into the standard FMC of the Fokker, or rather into the flightplanner of the flightsimulator. However, what I really miss is a decent FMC for the Fokker. But I struggle onwards and enjoying this plane all the same 😉 Greetings, David
  14. Hi Marius Very nice indeed, where to find these beauties? Couldn't find them on your website. Greetings, David
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