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  1. Thank you so much for helping!! :Big Grin:
  2. Thank you guys for the help! The problem has been solved! I've done just two steps: • I've configured autogen scenery in default.xml from here (first step) • And I've unticked any addon scenery from the Settings > Scenery.
  3. Yeah, both are maxed. And about the hammer, not yet :Shame On You:
  4. I've actually reinstalled my whole FSX, still nothing. I read somewhere that my GPU might not be able to "handle" it, or something.... Maybe the aptsign.bmp might be corrupted or something.
  5. The Scenery Complexity and Autogen are both on Ultra high.
  6. Reinstalled. e.g EGCC, Manchester Airport. If you need pictures, reply and I'll post.
  7. I have default scenery, I've used to see taxi signs on my other computer, but when I moved to another, I can't... I have everything on almost highest graphics.
  8. Hello guys! I have a really big problem which drives me crazy... I can't see any TAXI signs or gate numbers, it's really p*****g me off specially on VATSIM. Does anyone of you know how to get it back? I've set my scenery to ULTRA HIgh.
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