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  1. Solved it. I saw a post here with similar problems that was solved after disabling ESET AV and re-installing the 750. Did that and all is well. However, the problems I had trying to install the Garmin Trainer using the e-commerce installer are not solved. As I said, I had to download and install the trainer after repeated failures trying to use the installer. RXP, you might want to look at that.
  2. Hi, D/L the e-commerce installer for the GTN 750, purchased same and got my Reality XP files, ran the set-up and the set up hung trying I assume to install the Garmin trainer. I cancelled, re-ran the setup and it appeared to unpack the trainer files but then told me it could not install the "extra files". Repeated the whole process again with the same result but additionally, the set up told me that it could not find a file, something to do with the plugin .win.xpl. I deselected the XP9 and XP10 options anmd was only trying to install to XP11. Really frustrated at this point and need some help. Edit: I manually installed the Garmin Training GTN/GTU 6.2.1 and ignored the errors the set up was giving me, both of which were complaining about 32 bit files, and I get the GTN installed. The problem now is a black screen on the 750. I tried two planes with a reboot in between with no joy. Now I'm just mad.
  3. Thanks but still a bit confused. I downloaded the GTN750/650 User Manual and did not see any reference to panel integration. The GTS User Manuel however, has such integration instructions. I interpret your reply to mean in order to integrate the GTN, one follows the GTS instruction. Is that correct? What I want to know and do if I purchase is can I integrate the GTN in aircraft that have the default XP 11 GPS on the panel? That means resize and locate the GTN to replace the GPS and have the GTN integrate with the autopilot, HSI, etc.? Thanks
  4. Hi, I'm a XP11 User and I'm considering the purchase of a GTN750. I noticed in one of the videos posted here that the GTN750 had been integrated into the default XP C-172SP panel. I'm confused as I thought I read that the GTN750/650 was not able to be integrated and had to be used as a "pop-up" in XP. Can you help me understand if and how the 750/650 can be integrated into the aircraft panel? Thanks
  5. I had the wheel brakes assigned to left - right pedals (axis) on my rudder pedals. I had the axis assignments checked as "Reversed". That's not necessary in the DC-6. When I unchecked the Reverse assignments, the toe brakes returned to their normal state which is "off" if the pedal is not depressed. That cleared my "dust" at taxi and take off. If you're seeing dust from the wheels, check all axis assignments in the Joystick Settings tab and remove any "toe brake" assignments if you're not using the toe brakes. Sounds to me that you've got conflicting assignments, either axis and/or buttons.
  6. I reassigned the toe brake axis in XPL and the brake dust seems to have gone away at taxi and takeoff. I think I had the axis "reversed", consequently the toe brakes were constantly applied. Hence the dust. Now I need a brake job. Thanks.
  7. I must have missed the "calibration". Where do I find that?
  8. Hi, Really enjoying the DC-6 but the dust (or smoke?) animation from the wheels is almost comical. When I first saw an external camera of the plane taxiing or on a takeoff roll I thought the brakes were on fire. The effect is even there on hard surfaces and just as strong as what is seen if the plane is on gravel or dirt. I think all graphics on the plane are excellent otherwise. It's a shame that this "dust" effect IMO detracts from an otherwise great graphical presentation. Please PMDG, eliminate or at least greatly tone down the "dust". Ideally, the effect would be volume - speed sensitive and be minimal on hard surfaces, if shown at all. Thanks
  9. I tried that plugin and it works as advertised. However, I fly multiple aircraft, many of which are single or dual engine, and it is a pain to remap the throttle each time you switch aircraft. Mapping to a single throttle axis is the simplest approach.
  10. Hi Paul, I fly with the Warthog and have my right throttle lever mapped as "Throttle" in the x-plane axis mapping. Works fine and all in game throttles work fine in sync with the one Warthog throttle lever. Make sure that no other controls are mapped as throttles/
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