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  1. Thank you for all your efforts but for me it still isnt working 😞 I will perform a fresh install tomorrow and will let you know. Thanks again for all your support! FSDT is and was working fine tho. I can use GSX fully but the doors and cargo doors are still the issue.
  2. Thank you anyhow for your great support! I will try to fix it and will report back as soon as I find the cause 🙂
  3. Im sorry, which one do you mean? Where can I find the ini file? Do you mean this: D:\Games\P3D V4.3\PMDG\PMDG 747 QOTS II\Aircraft\D-ABYA.ini
  4. Negative - Green bar appears and repeat without doors opening. The Jetway is moving tho. All. Cargo and L2 Yes, from your first post and put into the GSX Profiles folder in ROAMING. Please see the profile: Yes. Just double checked. Overhead panel is set correctly and I can open the doors and cargo door through the FMC (visually checked as well 😉 ).
  5. Hello Günter, unfortunately I am having the issue that GSX keeps asking me to open the doors/cargo doors on the PMDG 747-8i. Linda Log: Modules installed in: D:\Games\P3D V4.3\Modules\linda\aircrafts\PMDG 747 D:\Games\P3D V4.3\Modules\linda-cfg\aircrafts\PMDG 747 PMDG GSX Profile: \AppData\Roaming\Virtuali\Airplanes Have I missed something? Thank you in advance! EDIT: I uncommented the GSX_Test_Display () -- just for testing for testing puposes. It says nil until something is connected to the door and goes to 1. Does that look correctly?
  6. Just to give you an update: Everything works now perfectly fine. Had to reinstall P3D V4 and set the airport in the RTE Page on the FMC. Topic can be closed 🙂
  7. That might do the trick - I will report back as soon as I tried it. Wilco on the the first and last name 🙂 Thanks for the hint and btw - great tutorials on youtube, Olympic260 😉
  8. Hi again, I did a complete reinstall of P3D v4.3 and now the EFB gets the data correctly. My "new" issue tho is that I can't see the airport charts on the PFD with APT ticked and the indication on top (APT Range 0.5) is visible. No taxiways, nor runways are visible at both the stock initial P3D airport nor on the Aerosoft EDDF P3Dv4 addon. Any hints maybe? Do I have to load an entire flight plan through the ACARS first in order to see the moving map?
  9. Yes, P3D v4.3. Unchecking FAST SCAN unfortunately did nothing. Left it "scanning" for 10 Minutes without success. I have the impression that the 747-8 does not recognize my P3D default scenery - Is there any chance to "delete" some files to get it rebuild? EDIT: My BGLMapAddons.txt file in ../pmdg/efb/efb database is populated correctly. Sample: EDDF;FRA;Frankfurt-Main;Frankfurt-Main;Hessen;Germany;D:\GAMES\P3DV4\ECOSYSTEM\AEROSOFT\MEGA AIRPORT FRANKFURT 2.0 P3D V4\SCENERY\EDDF_AFX-OP06.BGL;13123
  10. Hello all, I am trying to get the moving map to work. Unfortunately the 747-8 is not recognizing my default p3d scenery. When scanning I am receiving FAULT messages without the moving map working. Please help 🙂 https://imgur.com/a/2MBnis6
  11. Dear all, many times I have seen on other screenshots by people and in my sim as well that the green lights on the FCU (FD, AP, AT, etc.) are way too bright turning into a white-ish color instead of green what they are supposed to be. Is there any way to eliminate that? I am currently using PTA 2.61 along with P3D V4.2 with a custom preset. Thanks to everyone in advance, rofl-er
  12. Well... Sorry then - the only thing I could think of is the option for terrain shadow. Some add-on airports have a different system for showing landing lights. Try this option, if you are not lucky with that, I am sorry :(
  13. Have you checked if your in-game option "Landing Lights illuminate ground" is ticked?
  14. Hello all, this is just to give you a feedback on the experience we had during our CFD session. On one hand I would like to take this opportunity to tell you about my personal view on that and on the other hand I would like to give you some impressions and suggestions (you don’t have to follow them naturally) on how to overcome certain situations. Personal experience flying CTD It was/ is a blast! You can’t imagine what difference it makes to fly in an aircraft, designed for two, in a more or less realistic environment. Yes, sure – We have a great product with Fs2Crew and I don’t want to miss this addon in future! But flying with a real person, is just something different you can’t describe. Try it yourself! You really won’t regret any minute! Situation As you can see from the topics above, I had the opportunity to meet this great person to fly CTD with. He has a lot of background knowledge and I could learn a lot flying with him, both in a Multi Crew Environment and as a personal experience. He was the PNF and I was the PF on all our tries (which I will explain later). Initial set-up My partner is using FSX and I am using P3D V3.3. So there are no problems connecting to each other. We were using the Aerosoft Airbus. Set-up our PCs We followed the awesome guides provided by Dave (http://www.avsim.com/topic/469923-shared-cockpit-connected-flight-deck-guides/) and we strictly followed each step to set-up the port forwarding. Unfortunately we were not able to set it up properly and our ports were closed each time we tried. Yes, we followed STRICTLY this guide and opened the ports correctly, unfortunately without success. So we switched back to Hamachi and opened a flying network. This worked out nearly perfectly but we couldn’t ping each other due to the Windows 10 firewall settings. Disabling the Windows Firewall for Hamachi did the trick and we were able to ping each other. We jumped into the Aircraft and loaded up a flight located in UMMS (Minsk, Belarus). They have an awesome freeware scenery and the airport is not crowded. We set up the exact same aircraft, location (Gate 14), time and day as well as ASN Real Weather and clicked “Connection On”. YES! It worked! We flicked switches and it seemed that everything worked out perfectly (after we allowed Hamachi to go through the firewall). GSX Pushback works and weather synced as well. But we wanted more! Set-up online flying As you can imagine, we wanted more than just offline flying. What is the PNF flying supposed to do all the time?! We downloaded IvAi and I was the master and he was the slave. In IvAi we toggled “Start” and in IvAp we entered, where the server is entered, my Hamachi IP4 Address. He connected as a slave with an “A” after his callsign and everything was good to go. Flying online Well… That was a bit tricky. As we both had experience in flying offline, solo (or with Fs2Crew), the flows were not nearly as precise as they needed to be. We both felt like total noobs in that matter… Every step was done twice or three times, every switch was controlled to be in the place it should be and so on. Communication with the Tower was great after lowering the volume of Ts2 a bit. So quite stressful, even we had split our work! Problems We encountered several problems during our maiden flight from EDDF to LTBA. After about 200nm inflight his FSX accelerated and froze for about 10 seconds. As a result we were out of sync. To overcome this issue we disconnected from IVAO, paused the simulators, went to maps and he entered the position of my aircraft (N-E Position, Alt, Course, etc.) so we could find ourselves on the exact same spot. After reloading his FSX, we went ahead and connected each other in CFD. Switch flicking test passed! So we connected to IVAO again and preceded our flight without further events. Challenges During the approach to LTBA, the tower announced that we should change the RWY from 05 to 23. As we were already on 4000ft at 220knt, this was quite late. We have not fully set-up for the landing and I decided to follow the instructions, maintain HDG and SPD and we figured out a different STAR into 23. We had some discussions going on before that – what I want to say is: It is sometimes difficult to find a common solution but he reacted perfectly: “Okay, I will program the MCDU and you will fly the aircraft”. Again… WHAT A BLAST! Our next steps and goals As it was for both of us a major experience, we naturally want to learn more about flying together. We want to learn the exact flows, procedures and actions to be made by both the PF and PNF. We want to improve our communication and get faster and more precise in our actions inside the cockpit. Conclusion ​Guys, you have to try that out. It is simply great if you can share your experience, learn something new and get that non-plus-ultra experience flying together. We are both eager to learn and we are really looking forward to several successful and not-so-successful flights were we are getting better and better. If anyone has questions regarding CFD, please do not hesitate to contact us! Thanks again, montrama for your time and great effort! You are a really nice guy to fly with! Cheers, rofler
  15. Sure! Sounds great to me but as i have learned, I need to go through some basic guides first. If you are in the same situation, we could meet on skype/ teamspeak and go through the guides together. I am back home on Friday evening at 18:00 CEST. If you are up for a session, please send me a personal message and I'll forward you the teamspeak details. Thanks again and I am really looking forward to it!
  16. Hello guys, as the topic already describes, I am looking for someone to fly with on the Aerosoft Airbus A320. Before we start, some stuff about myself: Name: Sergej Nationality: Ger Age: 27 Availability: Mostly on weekends, rarely during the week Experience: Started with FSX back in 2000-something. I was using the PMDG 737 a lot and recently switched to the Airbus in preparation for the FS Labs P3D-Version. Aviation experienced, Multi-Cockpit-Procedures is not a new topic for me, however I have no experience in flying Shared Cockpit. Oh and “yes”, I know how to program the FMC :-P Simulator: P3D V3.3 What I am looking for: An open-minded simmer, who is willing to learn as much as I do. Frankly speaking, I don’t want to have one who constantly tells you how good he/she knows aviation and all procedures. I am really willing to learn but that “teacher-student” atmosphere is nothing really for me. The more you can learn from each other in a “sharing”-way the better J As a flight starts with preparing the flight, to include route, weather, payload, fuel, etc., I would love to do that by myself beforehand or plan the flight together with the partner. There are a lot of desktop-sharing programs out there so there should not be any problems. After the planning stage, it would be great (if time allows) to perform two legs (e.g. FRA-MUC-FRA). As soon as we get confident with each other and the procedures which comes along shared cockpit, I would love to fly online on Vatsim or IVAO. Teamspeak-Server is available but we can use whatever you prefer! So, I am really looking forward to some interested people and I am fully open for ideas or suggestions! Thanks and talk to you soon! Sergej
  17. Hey Mike, let me answer some of your questions from the "User perspective". No problem there but I dont hear the FO say a single word about anything he is doing - is that right ? I wonder if I am missing something with the intercom/radio settings ? In relation to checklists. I can bring them up in the Main Panel, scroll through with the down arrows but I hear nothing from the FO. - You do not have to scroll through them. You have to "call" the checklist you wish to execute (e.g. Before Start Checklist) the FO calls the items on the checklist and depending on the responsibility, either he checks the items ("checked", "Set", "Tested 100%", etc.) or you have to check them. So, you have to tell the FO that you want to go through a checklist and he will start reading the items. There is no need to click the down buttom on the main panel, just press the Main Button on the Checklist (e.g. Before Start, Cockpit Preparation, etc.). I hope this helped, Sergej
  18. Bryan, Indeed it was the settings inside P3D... I am sorry that I did not see this in the manual. Still, FS2Crew is just an amazing addon. If not the best addon, I have running (and I run A LOT) Keep up the great work and I am looking forward to some great years with you! Regards, Sergej
  19. Bryian, Once again - Thank you for your support! Yesterday I checked my Sim config and the measurements where indeed in Meters/Millibar instead of Hybrid. I assume that this will also solve my problem stated. Thanks agian, Sergej
  20. Hi Bryan, Thanks again for your reply! I will look up my Sim settings and will try to make a video on the weekend. Thanks again for your great support and the awesome add-on! Sergej
  21. Hi Bryan, Thank you for your reply. I think I was not very clear in my explanation. Sorry for that. I will try to do a step-by-step expl. of my situation: 1. Plan flight with PFPX + TOPCAT for the 772 2. Load default A/C in P3D V3 3. Switch to PMDG 777 4. Do all the preparation work together with the FO (PF) 5. Depart from the gate, take off and climb 6. During climb, I set the QNH to STD at the required FL 7. At 10000f the FO is supposed to turn off the lights (excluding the nose landing light as per my configuration) (8.). As I want it to be a bit more "real" I am switching off the lights. 8. Anywhere between FL10 and cruising alt (but mostly about 2000 to 1000 feet below cruising alt), the FO shuts down the lights (or on, depending on step (8.)). As far as I understand there is a config issue that the FO thinks that the lights should go off at cruising alt. Maybe I can upload a video anytime soon to make it more "visible" for you. Once again, thank you for your help! Cheers, Sergej
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